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  1. Back up and running in WA

    Hey guys, Well I am back up and running in Perth. Jumped on the Perth Cichlid Society forum and found some great breeders. I have just been increasing my stock week to week. Really missed it though as I spent over 7-8 months without any tanks. So far I have 4x2x2 Breeding Electric yellow colony of 8 fish Trio of Common Bristlenose Trio of Common Longfin Bristlenose Some you L134 growing up 2x14x14 Breeding Pair Orange Spots 2x14x16 Breeding Trio of Albino Bristlenose with and extra female in there. I have two spare tanks that I am saving to put fish in. Bascially move the fish around to give them a tank each later on. So far I have been able to get a bunch of fry of my commons. Big batch of 50+ fry. And three sets of fry from my yellows. Had my albinos lay but the male is a bit young so he ate the eggs. Got my eyes on some Peppermint colony and some L333s as well. Basically get the Bristlenose to pay the bills so I can increase my Plec collection. Pics to come soon.
  2. Geos!

    Geo's look good bud, nice big adults now. How's the bristle nose breeding going?
  3. Keeping the Elec$$$ bills down.

    I found this while looking. Thinking I might install one on my investment property. They says its not a taxable revenue so should be interesting. http://www.originenergy.com.au/2618/Government-rebates Says you can borrow 10 grand from the government interest free loan.
  4. Jackos DIY

  5. geophagus ' orange head tapajos ' prices ?

    I have bought two batches of Geo Orange heads before. Normal prices are between 10-15 dollars each. If you post them up put a picture of the parents as you won't see much colour at that size. Good luck with the sale.
  6. LFS with Central americans

    Hey Ronny Welcome to Sydney sorry but I don't know many shops for fish. I have been dealing with breeders so can't recommend any shops I'm sure there are a few guys on here to recommend. When are you setting up tanks? Hope your move went well. Jack
  7. Geo Question ?

    Over 6cm they colour up so you can tell sex then. Age probably 5-6 months I think maybe a few months longer.
  8. Geo Question ?

    Nice choice on the Geo's they are common but I think they show some awesome colours. Click on this for info I checked out that site when I was buying Geo's I had some but recently moved them on. Shame as they were coloring quite nicely. I was rolling with a crushed coral and sand mixed substrate. The trickle filter will go well for oxygen you could probably run some sponge air filters for backup if the filter breaks.
  9. Angelfish eggs

    Was that a single peppermint LOL Think I remember that one....
  10. Planning breeding setup of L numbers

    I was thinking of plumbing the two 6 foots together into a sum but not the small tanks. I was just thinking of over kill on the hang on filters or I could go a canister filter on the side. Don't want to fully plumb together in case of disease or parasite. Didn't know about the pheremones though nice info. And the width of the tank I can do 18" thick. Most of the tanks I'm getting will be custom built over in Perth so I'm sure a extra 2foots won't cost me that much extra.
  11. Well I'm moving soon and sold my last breeding setup. Planning a new one with bigger tanks and less numbers. Basically I am getting some pallet racks from Couchy that are three levels 8 foot long and 2 foot wide. What I am looking at is having two levels and one 6foot tank divided into three 2 foots on each level. This I will use to breed bristle nose catfish the normal commons, albinos and peppermints. The top tank I haven't decided what to breed in there probably cichlids. What I want to do is look at breeding some L numbers as well. More of raise the excitement and actually get me working. My last bristlenose breeders all I had to do was suck out the pooh once a week. And then every 6 weeks suck out the fry and put them in my grow out tanks. So was thinking that they will need more tender care than the bristle noses. So thinking I might get some 2 foot tanks. These I will place at the end of the six foots black out the side that sits on the other tank. These will hold the L numbers. Thinking something a bit more cheaper than any L046s as my experience with plecos isn't that high. Like the look of L397 and L333s. I have been checking prices of trios and colonies of these and they are in my price range. My budget is pretty good as I have put most of my money away from my breeding setup and stock. Need some experts opinions here thinking of starting with a trio of each. In there own tanks and just a hang on filter, some logs and slate caves so they can have there choice. So questions I am asking are 1. What substrate 2. Will 2 foots be enough for trios 3. Large hang on filters be good enough
  12. New fishroom build

    Very Nice. What size tanks and whats the top level for?? And how are you going to divide them up?? Looks very nice please keep updating don't see many pics of actual setups on here. Jack
  13. Power Black Out

    We use APC UPS at work alot. Computer servers and stuff like that. If your lucky I can check around see if there are any spare. Heavy bastards though have to lug them around with us.
  14. My DIY Brine shrimp testing

    Righto I'll try and make them bigger... Might have to delete my whole album...
  15. My DIY Brine shrimp testing

    Well I was sitting around waiting for people to pickup fish tanks on the weekend and though with the look of my old brine shrimp bottle I could do better. Separating the eggs shells to the shrimp was a pain as you had to suck them through a piece of air line. Pic of Model Alpha I had to grab a lid from a little container and put a rock on top of it to hold it down. This wasn't the greatest as you can all tell by the pic. So I started using my head and thought about it how I could improve it. Things you need to make. 2x 2 litre bottles I choose my caffine addiction bottles 1x metre long length of air hose line 1x one way valve (stop vavle I call them) 1x Screw top valve Bit of silicone Drill or knife ( Drill is alot easier) Bit of substrate I thought air line at the bottom to create the swirl but make it so you can get the shrimp to come out of there as well. This tap wasn't really needed you could use hose straight up in there but I put a bit of silicone around the hole on the cap and pushed the valve in. Pic of Model Beta 1 I drilled the bottom of the bottle to create a way for the air to get out and put a bit hole in the middle so you can fill it back up with salt water and put the brine shrimp eggs in. I cut one of the bottles top off just as it gets to the label. This is going to be what holds it. I also drilled a hole near the bottom of the holder to put the air hose line to fit to the screw top valve. Pic of bottom of Model Beta 1 On the end of the air hose line I put in a stop valve to make sure the contents of the bottle doesn't go back into my air pump. Pic of Stop Valve I rigged it up again and tried with a new batch. Came into fault as I found out the valve was the wrong way, there was hardly any air getting pushed through and it was leaking a bit into the bottom of the holder. A bit more common sense as I looked where I plugged it into on my air pump and then looked at the bottle. So I changed it around. Pic of Screw Top Valve the right way This fixed the problem and I put it all back together and it works great. I put the substrate at the bottom of the bottle to keep it sturdy. Pic of Prototype Beta 2 I have it rigged up in the garage bubbling away now. When the brine shrimp is ready to be harvested all I have to do is take the air hose line off the air pump, remove the stop valve on the line and then aim the hose into the tank. This way the egg casings stay at the top of the bottle with the unopened eggs as well. Pic of finished and running Prototype Beta 2 Brine Shrimp Hope you enjoy Jack