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  1. Paul, I would like to be involved in the bringing these back to the hobby. I am here if you want assistance in breeding these. Cheers Ron
  2. Andrew at Labyrinth has some
  3. rocks

    my list

    Taking some to Andrew Sunday 18th Oct. Rocks
  4. Michael, Nice choice I saw those Dolphins at All About Fish and Amphibians at Warners Bay, certainly nice if only I had another tank I would have bought some off Jason. Ron
  5. Must admit I am a big fan of Andrew and his knowledge of cichlids, when ever I can get down to Sydney I visit Labyrinth and always seem to go home with another quality group of fish. Rocks Newcastle
  6. Hi Rosco, Here is the list of fish bought from Andrew: Inca Stone Fish, chilotilapia rhoadesii, naevochromis chyrsogaster, white calvus, labidochromis caeruleus "Lundo Island" and a few others I will keep to myself 3 different types.
  7. Took a trip down to Labyrinth Aquarium last Sunday as usual Andrew continues to excel in the quality of fish and his knowledge on the subject. I went to get a bigger canister filter which I did but also the fish started talking to me saying buy me and so I did so much for will power, must admit beautiful fish. Thanks Andrew for your help and knowledge. All my tanks are full after visiting so I guess the next step is a few more tanks?? This will depend on the boss or if I can sneak a few past her next time I fly back in from work. Cheers Rocks
  8. Mate go to a paint shop or a Bunning's and explain what you are doing, I am sure they will guide along the correct path on what materials to use and at the right price. Rocks
  9. I finally made the journey to see Andrew at Labyrinth today what a pleasure to meet Andrew after hearing so many stories of his knowledge of the hobby, totally blown away with his easy going manner and knowledge with fish. So if anyone has any problems or requires excellent fish just go see Andrew. Spent longer than I should have their and also coughed up(money) a lot in additional fish. Andrew thanks for the great service and fish. I will be back when I have more room. Ron
  10. Hi All Just trying to decide if i should get rid of my breeding colonys. I have plenty of fry from the list above tried selling in Newcastle but their does not seem to be a market, so my question is are these around in abundance that the market is saturated or should i transport to say Sydney and sell. Any suggestions if no market i can feed the fry to my other cichlid as live food that way i can get some spare tanks for other spieces. Thanks guys for any feedback Rocks.
  11. The only real success i have had raising 20 or so fry was leaving them with the parents in a 4ft tank male at one end and the fry and female at the other. Not having a great deal of action at the moment. The male has an area he is protecting and chases the females away, had a second male in the tank but the dominant male and female killed him when i was working away.Anyone have any ideas or suggestions. cheers Ron
  12. Thanks Andrew, I tried to down load form yesterday but my computer would not allow, i will have to change the security on my system and try again as i believe this to be a great project to be involved in. Cheers Ron
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