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  1. Felicity

    Rack setup

    yes I have been told the problems with sumps happen with the bottom tank, trying to get the right amount of water.
  2. I have 2 deformed apistos, I wont breed them, they will just spend their days chasing guppies. It was an expensive lesson in rushing to buy fish, and from buying from an aquarium shop who was very surprised that I would buy fish from them to breed(after spending 30+minutes with the staff trying to pick out the perfect lady to breed to the only male for sale lol) Turned out ok, he is a little bully of a fish and has turned me off dwarf cichlids alltogether.
  3. It might just be me, but all the pictures of Geo's I have seen you can see huge angelfish there as well. So what do Angels love to live in ?
  4. hiding them in the bottom of a cabinet is not going to let you watch them all the time ... I have a 42cmx30cmx25cm tank on the kitchen bench, im always happy to see the other not so fish loving members of my family just watching the fish, with little smiles on their faces.
  5. I cant wait for my 6x2x2 to be delivered .... I did not think I would be so excited going to be fun fun Ta Felicity
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