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    Same story as the rest of you, started with one tank and now they seem to be all over the house. Looking forward to getting into a few new species and excited about continuing to breed my colony's.

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  1. You're not wrong, even as juvis the males look incredible, from memory my original fry had come out of Tasmania and my breeding females were only just getting the hang of it when I gave them up, a lot of the forum veterans from back then appear to have stepped out of the hobby or are now just keeping fish to enjoy for themselves, something I completely understand. But it does leave hope that they are still around in clean bloodlines, I'll just have to poke around in a couple of the interstate forums again and reach out to visit some of the old fishrooms again.
  2. Hi All, Has been a couple of years since I showed up on here, good to see some familiars still around, looks like the commonly available selections have shifted slightly, along with their prices. Back 6 years ago I was breeding Placidochromis electra (Fort Maguire), not too sure what became of my colony/fry but was wondering how common they are these days?
  3. Your sump should be large enough to allow for the power to go out cause in general it happens at the most inconvenient time, a larger sump, an extra chamber or an overflow would be a solution. In this area as soon as summer hits be get a stack of blackouts, even in the last fortnight we've had the power go out a few times. We add warm water to our breeding tanks every few hours (gas + stove) in winter. A dedicated solar panel does sound like a better idea....
  4. L numbers are not allowable imports. Thus the expense of all the really nice one's here in Aus. A lot of them are here Illegally. Expect to pay big $ for them. Join one of the pleco forums, you'll see lots of familiar names... What L's are you after?
  5. There was a point where you never kept a cichlid so don't let the lack of experience with sumps throw you off. I have a 3yr old, she has never put anything in my tank that I didn't tell her to put in. What else are you going to put in the cabinet? Food/Meds/Salts = space for sump I have a 6x2x2 in the bedroom, makes a little noise but as Rosco says a durso standpipe will fix that for you. This just doesn't seem like the best way to spend your $. Check out the tanks of any of the guys breeding on this forum, anyone keeping 6ft+ tanks will have advise for you. Getting it drilled by the guys building it will be easier than you doing it yourself in the garage down the track. Vortech powerheads are awesome, but almost as much as your canisters, you can set them to make waves and believe me on a 10x3x3 they look fantastic, but they are wasted on anything smaller. Whats your budget on both tanks? Setup and stock? This is not the cheapest option for your setup, buy a secondhand tank, make it a sump and then spend the $1000 you want to spend on canisters on one of those fancy fake rock backgrounds if you want a killer display tank. Look through the gallery's, who's keeping the species you want and what filtration/layouts they are using successfully to replicate the lake.
  6. Just curious as to why are you opting not to use a sump? I have an eheim 2260 and a 3 ft wet/dry sump on a 6x2x2 and a 5ft sump/canister for the 8x2x2.5, I personally feel when full of large Haps they still needed more filtration. Eheim are fantastic, they run forever, are easy to clean and fast to put back together, however if you do need replacement parts they are expensive. It's always a good idea to have spare parts in case disaster strikes, same with the heater always have a spare ready to go. Running an 8x2x2 full of large haps will require multiple canisters, I understand wanting to reduce noise and everyone has their own preferences for running their own tanks but odds are further down the track you will regret that you didn't drill the tank for a sump. Sumps and canisters offer you two completely different styles of filtration and in my experience large tanks run best with both, you get crystal clear water and you know the backup is there when you need to clean the tank properly. With tanks this size you want to get it right during setup. I assume you are buying these tanks once you get to WA? Get the 6x2x2 set up and running smoothly before you even start to worry about the 8x2x2 as the experience will help you to determine the best way to set up your 8x2x2. As with everything in this hobby, its not about the fish you keep or the size of your tank, its about your filtration and the health of your fish that make a great display tank.
  7. Nice work Mark, will have to spend some time looking at your other videos...
  8. You are correct, these are two separate species. Maylandia estherae/Metriaclima estherae has previously been referred to as Pseudotropheus estherae, or Pseudotropheus zebra (by mistake) http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/met_estherae.php There are many common estherae hybrids readily available in Australia. Still (Metriaclima Estherae) do exist in an orange/red form...
  9. If you are just looking for colour why don't you do a male display tank? Pseudotropheus Acei can be quiet aggressive, most of the time they are fine, but a breeding male can wipe out the others if the tank is not stocked correctly. What kind of ratios are you thinking? 2 males 3 females of each?
  10. Very nice... Also motivates me to finish mine.... How are you heating the tanks? whole room? What L's are you thinking about? Pairs in tanks?
  11. I think you were on the money with your initial guess of a possible red zebra cross with an Aulonocara, though it may just be crossed with the blue zebra. Metriaclima Estherae is just another name for Pseudotropheus zebra. I bought a tank a few years ago which included the colony of red zebras free, needless to say I didn't want them and I got rid of them within a week, they were a similar shape but a brighter colour. OB x Red Zebra or Blue x Red Zebra's do exist in the lake, so they may well be a true species as they have been line bred with orange/red males in the past. Metriaclima Hajomaylandi does have very similar patterns though the colour would normally be duller and the face doesn't look spot on to me. One way of determining what they are would be looking at the colours you get from the fry... Though as has been said already if in doubt.... Kapampa male is stunning...
  12. I was reading the post for the exact same reason, I have been playing with the idea of aquaponics for a few months, looking at the growth rates of both native fish and the produce, Was initially looking into it to see if I could bulk up the size of some of my catfish as I had heard of guys dropping crates of them in to dams to bulk their size up before shipping them overseas. Would be very interested in finding out what kind of insulation he was thinking about... I am definitely going to experiment with this in the future...
  13. It all comes down to how much space you have to play with and your budget. In my opinion the most cost efficient method of running a fish room (electricity wise) is to heat/cool the room instead of the individual tanks and running a central airline, with sponge filters.... If you look into the search options you will find there are dozens of threads similar to your post with a lot of different perspectives on how guys run their rooms.... including some great debate on solar options... almost all of them are worth a read.
  14. This is fantastic... a great experiment... I'm picturing a new use for the solar heated swimming pool....
  15. ctaylor

    Help please...

    How big is the sump? Total volume of water?
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