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  1. Mine holds 4x 2ft vertically, for a tier stand to hold the weight of multiple 4th tanks you would have to have a much stronger stand made, Im someone near you could do this.
  2. Do you have to assemble it yourself ? how high is it ? I would have to check, but can fit 4 tanks on with ease. And yes assemble it yourself, all the racks push together. Price wise I prob paid between $60-$100 but it is a good quality shelf.
  3. Wouldn't risk it, I use the mitre10 version but it's pretty strong about 100kg a shelf, being 2ft wide perfect for a standard 2fters. 4years so far and still no sign of a problem. Good luck.
  4. benfarrow


    Sounds like fighting, I'm sure.
  5. I wish I had the room. Just great!!!
  6. Hi mate, your setup sounds great would love photos. I'm sure there will be plenty of ideas posted up but you are prob going to be better if you stick to Africans as the water requirements are different with Americans. Oreochromis tanganicae are a great tank mate for frontosa if you can find them. Ben
  7. Thanks mathobes, your picture really helps. So if anyone has any forsale please pm. Thanks Ben
  8. that's them! Looks like the rep only sent the bottom half. How do they go with the heat?
  9. Hi all, recently got my hands on a second hand aqua one mg1500, a great buy only it came with no hanging kit or feet. My lfs ordered me in a set of feet, though I must say I was expecting more then a crapy set of clear plastic legs that look as if they will melt at just the thought of switching the light on. So my question is to anyone out there that has this light, what should the feet look like? Any photos would be great. Thanks Ben
  10. with no degree in this field, Im only going on personal experience I can say that it is an excellent choice of food, and more natural then pellets. Besides it is very entertaining watching your fish chase them down.
  11. For best results a small outdoor pond, add a little aqualsol. Wait till the water turns green and there you go! I will say though it is the wrong time of year to try it as they will die in cold water. We set ours up around October each year with the BS numbers dropping around June as the temp drops
  12. Ok so this is the setup running ATM as it turns out it looks a little better then what he originally had described, now he has decided against the 10 Ot's so we no longer need that much sand. But still I feel he would be better of removing the under gravel part all together and just replace it with a strainer? Another issue to note is he has temperature problems, as the tank water averages about 29/30 degrees. Thanks
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