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  1. Hi, I was Just wondering if anyone has kept these guys (in particular Eretmodus cyanostictus Kasanga ) before and, if so, tell me a bit about their experiences with them eg. what they have fed them, aggression, tank sizes breeding? cheers, Steve
  2. Hi, I was just woundering if anyone would be able to tell me ifthe following are in australia, and if so how much would cost? Enantiopus melanogenis kilesa Erethmodus cyanosticus cyathopharynx foai mbita Aulonocranus dewindti
  3. skak

    Koi carp

    To be honest they are just going to be used to keep duck weed in check so i would probably looking at the cheapest, basicly all im after is a ball park figure. regards, Steve
  4. skak

    Koi carp

    I was just curious, even though this isn’t regarding cichlids, if someone would be able to tell me how much Koi carp retail for?
  5. Hey guys, I have a pair of calvus on there own in a standard 2ft tank that have just bred and was wondering if it is alright to leave them with their babies or should I separate them.
  6. yes, she looks like she has a mouthfull of eggs but its only air in her mouth
  7. One of my female fronts is spending all of her time holding air to the point where she appears to be becoming distressed. She is still only young though she has breed once before though ever since that time, around a month ago, she has continued to hold air in her mouth rather than return to “normal” and I was just wondering what can I do to help her over come this issue? Regards, Steve
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