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  1. congrats nova! looks like you wont be downsizing for a while!
  2. hey rod, re: your other post yeah the article in the magazine i was telling u about is quite detailed about their behavior and breeding pattern, if you want a copy of it i could prob scan it and email it to you.
  3. wow didnt realise they were in aust! beautiful looking fish rod! there was a really good article on this fish in the tropical fish hobbyist magazine a few months back... did u read it?
  4. i've seen them around some shops here in sydney... but not as good looking as those!
  5. yeah its in the industrial area off windsor road. will check it out this weekend
  6. hey i cant see the foto....
  7. looking good josh! hows the riccia holding up tho? i hear they need pretty high light, i'd stick with java moss if the lighting is pretty basic.
  8. hkfc if you look at the photo he posted there are already fish there. it wont me much of a planted tank once the oscars are thru with it... although you will have a good few hours of entertainment watching them tear the place down!
  9. carlos

    Removing tannin

    hmmm something big and brown floating in your bathtub that stinks like #!)(&@?? are you sure ur soaking driftwood?
  10. WOW thats alot of juvies any chance of a shot of the big male outside of the breeding pot?
  11. carlos

    Mini monster

    hey bruce, fresh water soles sound cool! where are you getting them from?
  12. i dont understand 1/2 the suggestions on this post.... frontosa in a 2ft? when did a 2ft tank even become and "ok" size for a tang community setup? stick with shellies or a breeding pair of small tangs. you will run into major terrotorial issues with a community setup in a tank that small. only if they get in their territory which is usually quite small.
  13. same thing happened with my mates albino oscars. they were moved from natural coloured gravel to black gravel and they started to develop a smokey/black color.
  14. Somehow i think enigma just wanted to see a feeding frenzy then solve your dilema!
  15. thats awesome dude! thanks for the tip! how many watts r u using? is that coral sand substrate?
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