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  1. Hi Sorroz

    Do you have any sub adult pairs of white calvus avail for sale or spare male? I have a lonely female white calvus looking for her mate. Plz let me know if u have any and price as well. Edwin just introduced you :)






  2. peter.ng79

    Looking For Steve From Dapto

    As i've known, Steve has sold all his fish and out of the game Cheers Peter
  3. peter.ng79

    Black calvus

    i think you have 2 females Black Calvus Bradc, thats what i guess Peter
  4. Do u want to swap you Ventralis with Tropheus Moliro? I have 6 adults Moliro, stock from Ned in Hurstville. If you want swap, i will give you 6 Tropheus plus $50



  5. Whats the sex ratio for 3 Calvus ?

    Do you have any pics for all 3 fish?




  6. peter.ng79

    air pumps -- need help/advise

    Try Hiblow airpump Edwin.The best airpump with low noise
  7. peter.ng79

    fronts aren't breeding

    Frontoes, If you want to breed Zaire Blue frontosa, you need to keep your water condition clean and clear. I remembered you bought some of my Chumbu fry few years ago. Honestly, after been breeding all different type of frontosas, i never use KH or GH or any expensive stuff like many people using on this forum. All i do is changing water and give them good food. Then they will breed for you. Be patient and enjoy the fish, they all breed for you. Good luck Peter
  8. peter.ng79

    Cotton/Wool Filter matt bulk buy in Sydney

    Thanks Chris
  9. HI all Does anyone know where to buy Cotton/wool filter matt put in the sump filter in sydney at good price? If anyone know, please let me know Thanks heaps Peter
  10. peter.ng79

    Please help ID this fish, Lwanda Peacock ?

    It look like Aulonocara Hueseri to me.
  11. peter.ng79

    Cloudy eye.....what treatment next?

    HI Bruce If your frontosa doesnt has big damage on his eyes, i only use Melafix and Epsom salt, remember changing 30% of water every 2 days. Good luck mate With fronty tank, i don't put any rocks in the tank, esp Holey Rock is a trouble maker. As frontosa always jumping when someone walk pass or you are turning off the light at night. Cheers Peter
  12. peter.ng79

    Blue zaire frontosa

    My Chumbu was purchased from Ravi in 2011. It was the first Chumbu frontosa which Ravi brought into Australia, only 3 people had them in 2011 was myself, Steve in Dapto and Jamie in Hornsby. Cheers Peter
  13. peter.ng79

    Blue zaire frontosa

    Depend on what type of Zaire Blue frontosa do you want to buy mate, they have different price on it. U will be surprised that in Aust, we have almost of different type of Blue Zaire frontosa. i have some F1 fry from frontosa Chumbu and F1 frontosa Kapampa as well. Cheers Peter
  14. peter.ng79

    Certficates for wild fish

    Good one Grant. Im totally agree with you. As long as buyers happy with quality of the fish they bought and TRUST the importer. That's it. I think only Ravi issued cert of original but....it doesnt make sure if the fish is wild caught or not unless the import told u so. I know this topic has discussed many times before, but that's my opinion Peter
  15. peter.ng79

    Silicon Curing Time

    Thanks for good Info Ged. I was used only Bostik V60 to seal for all my tanks and has no problems with it and all my relative working in glass industry use it everyday for their work. But it's only my opinion, some people may has better ideas , please sharing around. Damoq, Bostik V60 normally sale at almost hardware shop. But they dont sale in Bunning warehouse, try Mitre 10 or any hardware. Cheers Peter