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  1. why not use yabbies with the eggs attached instead of scallops. i don't know if theres parasites in them i don't know about. I love the addition of paprika as a colour enhancement.
  2. very sad.. i hope it repopulates very soon, in the video at 4 30 a juvie comes into the picture, could Ged inhance the image for us to look at. On second thoughts its a gobbie. any idea of the variant
  3. nice..not for maggie of course.. freeze some in zip lock bags, stored flat so its easy to break, free food for years
  4. Doing great with the vids chuck. Thanks for sharing
  5. nice vid chuck,, thanks for the demo
  6. i use an inline filter that connects to the hose, useless for you though as they only do 10 000 litres. if you go to bunnings they have about 50 replacement cartridges to choose from, all different ratings, good luck with your search and please let us know how you go.
  7. no, you will have to modify it for sand, you will have to add a wider bottom, a 2 ltr coke bottle, the wider surface area wont suck up the sand, it will make it tumble
  8. out of my budget, certainly on my wish list when the price comes down
  9. great photo skills again ronny, thanks for sharing
  10. Another way to check with fish with vertical bars is to put them in a bucket, the darker ones will be males. Not 100 percent of course
  11. Very nice, the black substrate seems to help with the viewing pleasure
  12. Gombe

    "eBay" egg tumblers

    ZissAqua from Korea, bit more expensive but the best new product.
  13. Most shops have closed down, others you could rely on now seen to have dropped in quality, Evan the fs section on this forum has drastically slowed down, It seems Andrew has become our Luke sky walker.
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