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  1. raffle list

    how many fish in a bag
  2. raffle list

    is there going to be a list of the fish for the raffle this month it only a week a way
  3. neolamprologus buescheri zaire gold

    oooooooooo well i have 2 breeding pairs and some fry
  4. neolamprologus buescheri zaire gold

    oooooooooo well i have 2 breeding pairs and some fry
  5. neolamprologus buescheri zaire gold

    thats the neolamprologus buescheri (kamakonde) and yes they are around
  6. Canister filters – Aquael, Eheim or Fluval

    go with the eheim i have 2 running my 6ft and its clean as and there a lot of fish in the tank
  7. well i am going to get the  xenotilapia battiphilus kesese  off

    Mario for $200 there 10 of them 4-6 cm.

  8. nsw cichlid society major auction

    there was 1 lot of multies and 1 of caudopunks i think
  9. any one have Metriaclima aurora

    i have a mate of mine is going to get 12 and grow them out i may find some more breeder (2-3 that i know) so we can get the numbers back up so we don't lose them
  10. any one have Metriaclima aurora

    no i have not heard of any around looks like i have the only ones around i have fry (12) and one more female with a mouth full i want to get about 30 fry before i sell any fry
  11. looking to see if any one has any of them (Metriaclima aurora) i have some looking to fine some other to add to mine i have not seen any for about 5yrs now some say that they are lost
  12. Pallet racking

    i had mine cut down to 18'' w x 8'6'' long and 6' tall they hold a lot of weight
  13. Pallet racking

    i got mine at http://www.dexionnewcastle.com.au/ and they will cut it to size that u want all u have to do is ask and they have used stuff also
  14. Eheim 2260 vs fx6

    i find that the eheim is good but u can get the parts but have u seen the prices on the eheim parts (i went to get a tap for a pro 2 2028 and they want $78 for it so i put it aside and ill pick up a used filter for a little more and have all kinds of part and the same for the tap for the 2217 also)