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  1. Foti

    What food are you feeding

    Hi just finished a bucket of sera fish were happy and healthy previous to that I was feeding nls there are so many brands out there now where does one start? What out there is better than. Thera A? mainly as a low waste staple any reply is a good reply thank you
  2. Foti

    Help my tank is leaking!

    Since you have 3/4 of the tank full I would leave it as it is if you plan on buying another you can transfer everything over without killing any good bacteria plus keep most the water then you can top it up a bit at a time ! (you would need to transfer water rocks and substrate into tubs and fish in another tub. if your bath tub is close use it just rinse it clean! If you chose to repair the tank use an aquarium store to house your fish just use a tube for your filter to run nobody can repair a silicone leak like that without removing the hole piece of glass and removing all silicone from that section before re installing it (I think strip hole tank) if sobody tells you they can they won't be able to guarantee it won't leak good luck not sure what fish you have size number agrresiveness but if you feel that you can house them in the tub or bath do so.if you have only one filter it limits splitting fish into 2 or 3 tubs
  3. Foti


    lol was going to get them but ticket was called 2people too late!!!
  4. Foti

    Must see

    I'm sure lots of you won't be able to contain yourselves.....! http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1115663764
  5. Foti

    Easiest insulation to add and remove?

    Great idea! Im thinking that it's the way I'm gonna go about to add a new rack of tanks might just add foam first then I can hit all by wall as I finish off arranging other racks! clark rubber had some decent sized sheets when I bought some last for under the tanks just thinking for the floor Lino might be 2nd best? Y/N
  6. Foti

    Haplochromis SP - Holding

    Congrats on everything so fare I'm not a big fan on keeping fry from a display tank if there is any chance of cross breeding between other sp I know you said you most likely be keeping them be sure to keep or cull (worst case) only saying this as there are to many bad speciments here in Aus due to bad breeding don't mean to offend there might be no fish in your tank that can cross just saying best fry saver diy Iv used is a 2lt ice cream container with squares cut out with flyscreen stuck covering the holes hole with pipe sticking through with air line creating flow into tube il try find mine and take a pic !
  7. Foti

    Fine sand and fish suggestions

    Very nice, sand is nice my suggestion would be 2 x altolamprologus sp, 4 x Julidochromis sp, 4 x Cyprichromis sp, 4 x similis or occies or Multies (in that order) there is one more fish just can't think of its name best of luck keep pics coming
  8. Foti

    Pinched belly Oscar

    All great points ^^^ I would think something is wrong if its not smashing the food! but just a thought could your albino be a female and could it of just layed some eggs ?
  9. Foti

    starting to build tang tank

    Great size tank make sure your floor will hold Also seen same build very nice set up but would say try have plumbing through the bottom if your confident it won't leak pipes out the side where too much for tank is so big P.s like your hight of your tank build it's gonna be amazing viewing display
  10. Foti

    Feeding mbuna fry

    Freshly hatched baby brine shrine usually entices fry to eat all that wiggling and bouncing around Try not to over feed in general they will find food and eat Congrats on the fry
  11. Foti

    Green Chromides

    Looked at some pics and can see why they are not easlly found not a vibrant coloured fish so lfs can sell regardless of its attitude ie active in tank With these ban's were going to loose not only sp, but quality Good luck with your search hopefully you find some
  12. Foti

    Snail killer chemicals and Peppermints?

    I had one of my tanks filled with those red pond snails I kept removing drift wood each day and picking all that were on off every day it would fill till numbers dropped ! Took some time Once the numbered were low I treated the tank will snail kill at its lowest dose for the full period recomended with WC and increased air flow I would vac the base everyday add top with water all fish were fine including bn fry These guys lay eggs under water everywhere ! Filters ornaments pipes rocks glass substrate everywhere so if you don't use chemicals you will always have a problem they don't eat much I was totally against chemicals because I treaded a display tank when I first started with fish and didn't relise how many snails it had and what would happen once all died and stated to rot in the aquarium Had lost all the fish!
  13. Foti

    Spin arm bearings

    I would try a plumbing supplier first
  14. Foti

    Redness at base of fins

    Make sure top of water is allowing aeration
  15. Foti

    What ever happened to.....

    Building was sold made into apartments