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  1. Beautiful specimen, I don't keep them any more and mine weren't up to that standard so nice to see it!
  2. Nice pics and nice fish, grats on the up and coming fry!
  3. Thats probably the best way, leave em to it and let them get on with being fish and they will usually reward with a nice looking result. Tx for the pic!
  4. Great vid, the fish look great! I like the foam seperators in your fry tank, not seen that before.
  5. Grats! I never tried stripping when I had Africans, watched Mark's vid on it but never got around to trying it. They are nice size fry too.
  6. If its any of the ones that release things into the air then I doubt it will be good for the fish , if its the one that "travels" through the wiring of the house I can't see it being a problem but I have never used anything like that so I might be way out about them.
  7. Look awesome! Tank looks good, mostly silk plants with a few live or all silk? Going to enjoy following your progress.
  8. Grats on the fry surviving, look great! How many did you get to this stage?
  9. Bosemanii are great my latest are Melanotaenia australis (Ferny Ck). Loved the threadfin too but decided on bigger types so moved them on.
  10. Hi Jay, looks great! The plec and yellow inside the ship is are cool shots. Nice selection of fish, plenty of room for them to grow and swim around too. You might want to move thread over to the photo section or start the thread on there. Nothing wrong with it being here though just where I usually put mine. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Bummer on the loss mate, never good to see.
  12. Some very good looking fish you have there! I like how you have the fry out of harms way too but still in the tank, not seen those setups before.
  13. Great to see the store, I wasn't even aware you had a shop front just figured it was all online! Lol I agree with Ged, could spend a long time in the shop making up a wish list.
  14. Nice growth rates , the full tank shot is great for perspective too. Did you build the tank? Very solid looking and nicely finished.
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