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  1. NSWCS Major Auction

    When is the auction?
  2. Noddy's planted tank

    Looks great! The Chinese won't even be able to make a immatation planted tank like that I tell you. Beutiful tank!
  3. shipping

    grant means you need a drivers license or equivalent the sydney domestic airport on the cbd side or the way out if you know what i mean on the way out, is there a sign there?
  4. shipping

    What if i don't have ID with AAE? Where abouts are AAE in sydney?
  5. shipping

    hey guys Just a question regarding shipping fish. I know you have to fill up 1/4 water and use o2 gas etc. The buyer lives around 10 hours away, which company should i use to ship them? Australian air express? Thanks
  6. remove bn fry?

    good news but they should not be with the yellows etc who may be waiting for a meal Take them out and put them in a fry saver Can i just remove the bn fry, or is it better to put the whole cave in the fry saver?
  7. remove bn fry?

    But i'm not sure how long they have been hatch as i just noticed the frys yesterday, the male is still inside guarding the frys, so im not sure to remove the frys or not
  8. remove bn fry?

    there are yellows, calvus and pleco in the tank. They are currently in the breeding cave
  9. remove bn fry?

    Hi all Today i just some bn frys in the cave with the father, they are very tiny n free swimming i guess, so should i remove the frys to a fry saver or leave them with the father in the cave? Will the father eat them?
  10. hi guys just wondering how you guys would sex electric yellows, i can sex electric blues no problem as by the colour so what about the yellows? i know females have a lighter black top fin compare to males but some just look half half.
  11. Fish Compatability

    any help? I believe they will be fine together but just need someone to confirm
  12. Fish Compatability

    Hi all I've got a 4x2x2 tank with about 8 black calvus in there and i want to go back to blues and yellows, just wondering are they compatible with each other. Looking to put a colony of blues and yellows. Thanks in advance
  13. Calvus Go With Pleco?

    hi all i am just wondering is it okay to put a normal common pleco with calvus? the water is buffered for the calvus so the water is a tang water thanks all
  14. keeping calvus or peppermint?

    both are hard to choose, i have a 4x2x2 tank and i just want to keep them by themselves, how many calvus or PBN can i fit? what is a good ratio between males and females for calvus and PBN? what is the price diffeence? do need buffer to breed calvus?
  15. hey guys i looking to start a colony of either calvus or peppermint, just want to see which ones would you keep. which is more easier to breed and which one's fry suvivoral rate is higher? which is more easier to keep? thanks