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  1. midnightexpress

    Replacing Filter media

    i clean ceramic noddles in fresh water, i also rinse the media with the aquariums water.i never use the white wool because it clogs to quick.
  2. midnightexpress

    what do you think

    about 6 of each in a 4ft tank
  3. midnightexpress

    what do you think

    i have ps. saulosi, afra cobwe, and e/yellow in same tank, will they cross bread?? thanks
  4. midnightexpress

    What is your favourite fish

  5. midnightexpress

    An Online Store I Won't Be Going Near Again!

    i like using aquaticlife aquariums,there service is .i order stuff from the net and i take the family for a drive to cental coast (only 45 min drive) pick up my items and have a picnic on the beach.
  6. midnightexpress

    AOA UV steralisers

    i would use the inline aswell just to keep it out of the water.i think these ones are only good for algae.
  7. midnightexpress

    your opion on this

    i went to a fish shop in sevenhills area,they used to have lots of cichlids,but now they only got about 2 tank of yellows and e/blues.i asked what happened to all the cichlids.he said "the breeders are stuffing the hobby and i will not stock anymore,they sell the fish from home very cheap". what do you guys think.are we stuffing this hobby or has he got a hidden agenda.
  8. midnightexpress

    Via Aqua 2300 = Good or Bad

    i've got via aqua 750,i think hey are known as cf1200 now.they are a good filter but if you got a little extra money but the ehiem classic 2217,this one is even better.
  9. midnightexpress

    Legal Import - Frontosa?

    nigel is the size for import 12cm or larger still for the fontys
  10. midnightexpress

    New tank

    i always use Sera Ph-minus.it's about $10. for 100ml bottle.you don't have to use much at all. 1-hose down tank 2-get some scotch-brit and put some Ph-minus it and scrub tank(one part at a time) 3-repeat steps 1 & 2 on other section.
  11. midnightexpress

    re .. welder

    try looking at the advertising,waz had a post up.
  12. midnightexpress

    This weeks meeting

    Yeah ducksta, I paid on behalf of the canberra contingent last month didn't I Aline . cheers rosco ← i know i was behind you ,next time i'll sit and wait.
  13. midnightexpress

    Large filter media bag

    the zipper like every thing else these days is plastic so check it out.if you can not tell the differece use a magnet and see if it grabs it if it doe's, it's steel.
  14. midnightexpress

    Fish smuggled in cosmetic jar

    it will want a be something expensive,now she's up for thousands$$
  15. midnightexpress

    Large filter media bag

    that would be expensive would it??