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  1. seanymph


    I had to bomb my fry tanks with bleach to get rid of both the tiny ramshorns and pond snails. They are all free of them next will be the 6’ again and then the 5’. Though I have notice the reduction of pond snails in the 5’ since I’ve had the ventralis in the tank it’s just a pity it has also MTS and I would love to know how it and now the 6’ has them😡
  2. Let me know how you go with yours. Mine atm are still practicing male has a weak liooking pit compared to what my dewindti use to build to mate and female goes over for a minute then goes back to the other side of the tank.
  3. seanymph


    Did you get rid of those snails? Whilst I did get rid of the MTS my sister gave me some plants and I didn’t see the snails on them and they are the same as what you have Brad
  4. seanymph


    The only way I was able to remove mts was to strip down the tank boil all the rocks for 10 -15 minutes and bomb the tank with the Seachem copper parasite treatment double dosage with the heater on as high as it would go and the filters running for a week. Then drained it washed it with bleach and filled the tank with water and added a bottle of bleach had it running for another week. Drained and rinsed it then added both purigen and cuprisorb and ran the tank for another 2 weeks. Then started all over again with new substrate but if you want to keep the old substrate then you would have to boil it for a good 10 minutes. Yes it may have been overkill what I did but it was the only way I was able to get rid of all the mts and not have them come back. Btw snail rid and other treatments to kill snails but none of them worked to kill the mts that’s why I went to this extreme.
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