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  1. Hey guys thanx for all this info .... Bit of an update, since getting these fish I've had 6 spawns between the 2 pairs and seen no fry not sure wats goin in but I'm thinking inexperience? Anyways I was walking past the tank late last night and actually seen thenm spawning for the first time But there 7th spawn .. here's a vid ..... Cheers Peter
  2. Cheers Ged, theyve actualy picked the eggs up ?? is this normal for these guys ? they left behind a small amount of unfertalised eggs ... i noticed today the female scaring off another fish and a couple of eggs fell out and she quikly scooped them up ..
  3. i cant believe my eyes !!!! just checked on my tank this morning and noticed on the other end of the tank another clutch of eggs !! i guess there are 2 definate pairs !!!
  4. hey guys , i woke this morning and to my suprise i saw this if these eggs a fertalised how long till they hatch ??? cheers Peter
  5. cheers mate, they go crazy for a bit then its like lets hav a break then there back into it ... good to watch .
  6. heres a little vid i took this avo with my phone ;
  7. Thanx chris , ill suss them out ..
  8. thanx Pat.. very happy with them .. the pics dont realy do them justice ..
  9. hey chris , thanx for sharing that mate ... they look awsome.. im gona hav a look at some tetras just not sure which ones yet ... do the geos leave them alone or do they hav to be a certain size so they dont get eaten ??
  10. cheers mate , im stoked with the way it looks !!!!
  11. ok, so heres a few pics of the new occupants ... Colony of 6 Rio Brancos ; hope u like .. i cant believe its taken me this long to actualy consider Americans!!!!
  12. nice looking fish u hav there pat... wat kind of PH are u running ??
  13. Thanks Pat, Mate they seem to be pretty hard to come by ........ One of those things when you are not looking there everywhere then when you want theres nothing .... Heres an updated pic with a couple of extra plants , cheers Peter
  14. Hey Guys, heres a pic of my newly unfinished aquascape that im hoping to house a colony of Geophagus Altifrons ... ive kept tropheus up untill today i sold my beloved Tropheus Duboisi Maswa colony time for change ..... anyhow , ive gone for the tahition moon sand for substrate only becauase i had it laying around . im hoping it doesnt make the fish look to dark? but bring colour out? any ideas on wat i should fill the middle part of the tank with .. plants on outside are fake but am wanting to replace or add real plants? also tank mates for geos? something that wont efect there breeding .... any opinion welcome .... study kitchen cheers Peter
  15. hey guys , i was thinking of getting some L numbers as display fish and was wandering if they adapt well into waters that hav higher ph levels ? are they a hardy fish ? like all fish i buy i ween them in over 1-2 hrs and hav never lost a fish doing this but dont know a great deal about these cattys .. any info and experiences welcome and appreciated .. cheers Peter
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