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  1. Thanks guys, think I’ll get another Eheim canister and separate tank. My main concern was the filter, sounds like they’re still not the best. cheers!
  2. Hey guys, been out of the hobby for a few years but looking to get a new tank. Are the all in one tanks ok? It's hard to get info on them. I'm looking at getting one of the bigger Aquaone tanks, around the 4ft mark. Or should I hit up MSAquariums for a tank/stand and get a seperate canister etc? From memory Aquaone used to be a bit of a dirty word, are they any better?
  3. Hiya! I had Afra's in my display tank along with Blue Cobalts, Yellows, and a couple of Red Rubin Peacocks. They were easily the coolest fish in the tank for me. I ended up with 2 males and 3 females, they are easy to sex and you should pay around 5bucks per fish. Although, I haven't seen as many around in the past year or so but i'm sure if you ask, someone will have them. Usually you'd need at least 3 females to a male as he will love the ladies and rarely leaves them alone, one drawback of this is that the females are grey in colour and obviously it starts to take up tank space. Don't get just one female though!!!!! She'll just be stressed for a few months until he finally kills her. You don't want to watch that happen. So either get 3 females to a male or no females at all. It's fine to just have a single male in there but he may not colour up as well if there's no females present. These guys will need lots of rocks, the male will claim a cave - dig out all the gravel around it (fun to watch) and guard it with his life! Not sure how they'll go with your other tank mates as they are one of the smallest cichlids from Malawi, but they seem to hold their own. Anyway, they are awesome fish and I highly recommend them!!! My male can be seen in my profile pic Hope this helps and good luck!
  4. Thanks all! This has been a great help. Leaning now toward a nicely planted and well decorated shelly tank. Thinking tiered layers and maybe 2 species.... Also like the idea of brichardi.... Not solid on the stock yet. But I like the idea of a big bustling Shellie tank!
  5. If you were limited to one tank, (4ft) what would you stock it with? This Is my conundrum. Would you go for colour? Breeding? Personality?!
  6. Update! Whilst looking for the missing female I noticed (on the other side of the tank) alot of swimming eyeballs! So atleast someone is breeding!! The other female is still missing... Been like 2-3 days now, should I check the shells?
  7. Hey all, one of my female multi's seems to have disappeared... Do they go inside their shells for a bit when they first breed? I've checked and she can't be anywhere else in the tank... Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks all! Might look at getting some Shell dwellers and see what happens...otherwise they're up for sale!
  9. Hey all! Recently bought a pair of Julidochromis Ornatus, and they aren't acting like a pair at all. I've read that there 's a possibility of the pair splitting if the decor changes too much so I assume that could/would be the same if you put them into a different tank? The problem is the bigger one (male or female?) chases the smaller away whenever they see each other. Started out slowly swimming near and around, checking each other out but now the big one dominates everything in the tank and keeps the smaller crammed up behind the filter intake most of the time. So question is: Should I give them some more time - will they pair up again? Or sell them off as I'm not leaving them both in as it is, just stresses them and me out! Stocklist: 2 X Julies, 1 around 7-8cm the other 5-6cm. 4 x Bristlenose cats, biggest about 7cm. Thats it! All fish been in tank now for about a month. Tank: 55gal, tons of caves, water's fine - weekly 25% changes and all eating well. Any help would be great!
  10. Hi all! I have been doing some research on what to next put in my tank (am planning a tang tank) and have come across Goby Cichlids. Just wondering if anyone is keeping these or has seen them around? I haven't seen much about them on the forums but may have just missed it. Anyway, If anyone knows anything please let me know! Particularly interested in 'Tanganicodus irsacae' the little dark ones with blue spots...interesting! Cheers, Matt.
  11. Thanks cp! That's awesome, might try the guy you suggested.
  12. Thanks everyone for your feedback, much appreciated. Aquaholic, was looking to buy it. I've called a couple of nursery's but no luck, i'll keep banging away at it!
  13. Hi all! I'm looking for some slate for my tank but can't find it anywhere in Sydney!! Anyone know where I might find it? Also, everything I've read sais it's aquarium safe....does anyone have any experience with it? Looking forward to hearing from you guys and thanks for any help!
  14. Update... Went to re-install my filter after 2 months off - no go! It leaked, even with changing the o rings - I'm now in the market for an Eheim. The filter ran well for 2 years but as everyone has said, as soon as you clean it - leaks. Best of luck with yours!
  15. Not that it's much help but I had exactly the same filter and that exact problem. Mine leaked between the canister and head, which was most likely the main seal. I was lucky to have a spare and have been using it until now, but now that seal is going too so I'm in need of a new seal. Let me know if you find a place that sells the seals and I'll do the same. Cheers.
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