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  1. I know this is a bit of an aside but good on you for trying to breed something in danger. Nice work champ
  2. Thanks Craig, I didn't mean that every punter on the street should be trusted to breed potentially harmful fish. In these circumstances, however, if one is a member of a club like NSWCS and can prove they have responsible fish keeping and husbandry practises then I don't see why they cannot be put on a register with fisheries and be allowed to breed to ensure the species doesn't die out. I'm sure most people with nothing to hide wouldn't object to fisheries/aqis etc. checking up on them every few months to ensure that certain standards are maintained. I also see, however, that this would require resources that the Government would not be willing to mobilise, no matter how much good it might do.
  3. Well it looks like you've answered your own question champ
  4. Such a shame. If only the Government could see that people like me who'd breed them responsibly could prevent the extinction in the long term by breeding quality stock. There's zero chance I'd allow them to get into our water ways. EDIT: I am aware of WHY the Government doesn't allow imports of Victorians, please don't lecture about Environmental impact etc. I'm also not saying that all of the species are near extinction, but surely their numbers can't be too healthy?
  5. I'm assuming you mean Rhamphochromis macrophthalmus? Here's a little bit of info: http://www.aquapage.eu/fish/rhamphochromis...ophthalmus.html http://www.fishbase.org/summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=2298 And a couple of photos: http://bluegrassaquatics.com/rhamphochromi...ophthalmus.html
  6. I haven't seen ANY nice flamebacks. They're all washed out
  7. So glad that's not here in Australia. The last thing we need is the Government having another reason to restrict imports
  8. They look like a hybrid to me too champ
  9. Batty it's nice to see a man of simple tastes
  10. I wonder how much money has changed hands off the record for that deal.
  11. Some interesting choices there mate!
  12. dazzman Auburn Aquarium and St George Aquarium both have very good examples at the moment. There you go, now you know the wish can be a reality
  13. Ok, so I thought it might be fun, given it's Christmas, to post up what people WISH they could have in their tanks in the way of cichlids. Forget about the import list etc., this is purely for entertainment purposes. So, what do YOU wish Santa would put in your tanks? EDIT: I should add, if you're currently breeding a species that someone lists here, it'd be really nice if you could let them know. If we could make someone's fishy dream come true this year then that'd be fantastic
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