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  1. Mpimbwe Pete

    Mixed T's

    Whatever - with a tank that big you could have at least 20 of several varieties.
  2. Mpimbwe Pete

    Mixed T's

    Have you looked at the Red Chipimbi - a nice mix with Ikola
  3. Mpimbwe Pete

    White Spot treatment and L catfish

    Thanx guys- didn't use any salt (for the sake of the tetras) , raised the temp and used some Wardley's Ickaway (recommended by LFS ) . The dosage was halved to cater for the tetras and cats - That aside ,really enjoying my first planted aquarium in 3 decades. Isn't it wonderful that these days you can benefit from the experience of experienced and grizzled old veterans. Much better than 30 years ago when advice was not always correct!!!!
  4. Mpimbwe Pete

    White Spot treatment and L catfish

    Have a case of white spot with some new little tetras in a planted tank that is primarily for catfish. I KNOW in a perfect world these fish should have been quarantined but space problems preclude this. I am concerned that the medication I may use could be a problem for some small L333 cats. Any ideas guys ?
  5. Mpimbwe Pete

    fry raising regime

    Just curious- how often would you do water changes for L type cats ?
  6. Mpimbwe Pete

    "haplochromis" similis

    OK if its Protomelas Similis is this species still available here ? Been told for years by retail aquariums that they can't get them any more . Several people told me they were "lost to the hobby in Australia".
  7. Mpimbwe Pete

    "haplochromis" similis

    Many years ago had some splendid "Hap.Similis". In those days everything seemed to belong to the Haplochromis family . Are they now the "Red Empress" Protomelas taeniolatus? or the "fenustratus?" There is not much mention of them ,Have they been lost to the hobby in Australia ?
  8. Mpimbwe Pete

    NSW major auction

    I had been out of the hobby for over a decade -attended my first auction in 15 years - I was VERY IMPRESSED with the efficient way the auction was run .The computer description of each lot was self explanatory for the species and the information was very useful for novices and experienced bidders . The people who run the society were all very helpful and without hesitation pointed out other breeders who had what I wanted. The quality of the magazine was exceptional and I made many useful contacts......and got some great fish. What else do you want from an aquarist association ??
  9. Mpimbwe Pete

    cichlid industries

    Fabulous !!! Will be checking your site on a regular basis !
  10. Mpimbwe Pete

    What is everyone's favourite Tanganyikan cichlid?

    and Leulupi ......
  11. Mpimbwe Pete

    What is everyone's favourite Tanganyikan cichlid?

    Mpimbwe Fronnies, and Moba and about 6 types of Tropheus - oh and Comps , and Calvus and all the Julies and of course Brichardi and Trets and all the Shellies oh god I can't decide ....
  12. When I did some research into Tropheus disease and the causes of bloat I saw many times Epsom salts mentioned to assist in digestion. As a part of my weekly water changes I started adding a few teaspoons of Epsom salts. The Tropheus showed a significant improvement in their daily evacuations and are showing much more vim and vigour.There were no other changes to the usual routine .They almost jump out of the tank at feeding time and are showing excellent colour and growth.As Bloat is a function of digestion problems I can recommend this for Tropheus tanks.
  13. Mpimbwe Pete

    whisper 3 impeller

    Does anyone know where I can get an Impeller for a whisper 3 hang on filter? I heard they have been discontinued. My old one is broken . If I am unsuccessul in this quest I had thought of super-glueing the parts together. Is super -glue toxic?
  14. Mpimbwe Pete

    How many tropheus can you keep...

    did I read that correctly? 5??? eheim filters ???? plus the other 3 ????
  15. Mpimbwe Pete

    Clown pleco

    line of odontodes - my goodness - great to see so many real catfish enthusiasts on the Central Coast . Best regards