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  1. motorman


    I can get it for ya 250gm powder Though its not cheap Brad
  2. That warning is on alot of medications but always the State of California Melafis is safe if used correctly thogh overdosing it I have found it kills very very quickly I have seen a few people buy the Pond Melafis but still dose it at the normal level of 5ml per 40 litres these people have had massive death rates but it is 5 times stronger Also Ichonex is one of the best white spots I have used before Brad
  3. I have a 10ft display tank and I do keep a few females in there to keep my males colored up nicely That being said I have watched my Male Exasperatus breed with a female Protomeles and the Female Exasperatus breed with a Male Maingano I would suggest they will cross if they want to Brad
  4. Your tank if kept clean shouldnt go cloudy after you feed them How long has the tank been set up? How much are you feeding them>? Do you gravel clean very often? Brad
  5. You might have to get some from a Vet Metronidazole is another name for it Discus do better in groups when they havent paired up I have had problems with them when the numbers get lower but they pick up when the group is larger again Though I dont think adding more discus is your best idea What have you been feeding them? What temp is your tank? What Ph is your tank? Brad
  6. What about this snake then Maybe alittle to big for a 6x2x though Large Snake
  7. Ive had so many Angels pair up and lay eggs over eggs Though the last lot I had started with 4 at 10c size Ended up with 2 pairs Brad
  8. Yeah I spose that might help abit 1kg for $20 I have read differing dose rates but with Chloramine I would be dosing around 1 tsp per 100l though that is alittle on the overdosing side At that dose rate the Kg will treat approx 20,000litre Brad
  9. I also have used Sodium Thiosulphate and it works wonders and really cheap I have sold it in 1kg bags to a few people so if anyone is interested let me know Brad
  10. Any home Brew shop would ahve been able to sell you the Kettle elements I got a 2000w for my brew set up This will heat your water easily Would have been cheaper then buying 8 heaters too Brad
  11. The ones is Brissie were Sapayo's And they are spawning now I saw heaps of fry in the tank the other night when I was around there Brad
  12. Yeah of course it wont affect the Purigen anymore then at 50% And if you detoxify the Bleach well there isnt anything to hurt your fish I have talked to Seachem in the States and Australia quite a fair bit over their products Even meet a few of the Reps from the states I am wondering exactly what can go wrong besides not using Prime? And with the amount I have always used there is never going to be a problem Brad
  13. I have been using pure Bleach for years on my Purigen You just have to make sure the wash it properly afterwards and use alittle more Prime I was talking to a Seachem rep from America about it and he said it was fine to do this way Brad
  14. I wouldnt do it as the costs would out weigh the benefits I use a 2000w element in my home brew or umm essential oil still but I need to get mine boiling Still its only 30 litres and it takes over an hour to boil Easiest way is get a decent 300w heater and chuck it in there It will heat up in no time and no risk of over heating your water Brad
  15. Id say more then likely its an injury not a deformity but still by the time you have raised the fry long enough to see if it has been produced in its offspring alot of work and time has gone into it Id say breed with your Sub male and keep the other one in another tank Brad
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