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  1. micko does it to mock kev i should know we go down there together and share a fish room as for the volume they have a microphone and are quite easily heard over the talking as for discriptions they describe xenotilapia as looking like a whiting thats real informative for people who know nothing about the species i will no longer be attending these meetings that a run by a handful of people to benefit themselves and to push there products while businesses like tank aquariums that inquired about having it mentioned that he was going to be having a massive sale are told they can't do that i will no longer be donating fish to your raffles either as it is bullcraP that you the commitee charge retail prices to the club for fish bought from you for the raffle when you could get the same fish from breeders on here at a quarter of the price i summary the nswcs is a joke
  2. i may not even go as the same fish always go through and im not interested in sitting through 100 lots of yellow and 50 lots of black calvus to sell a few cyps and xenos which i can ofload without the hassle and kevs constant bitching about people talking has sort of turned me off the nswcs its as if he expects everyone to be a fish expert alot of people dont know what certain species are or how compatible they are so unless the people up front want to give a 5 minute discription of each fish and there behaviour he may have to learn to deal with the talking or just leave as he seems to be the only 1 who complains
  3. 1. i started setting up a few planted tanks today to keep a few of the rarer varients of shrimp in as they have caught my attention lately (why i don't know) 2. i have replaced my tahitian moon sand in my 6x2x2 with white sand for my new colony of xenotilapia bathyphilius kekese 3. i stripped down my 4x2x2 so i could catch the cyprochromis leptosoma kekese blue flash fry that were swimming around 4. moved my xenotilapia flavipinnis nyzac lac to there new home and noticed 1 was holding thats all i think lol
  4. wild caught or not i doubt anyone would pay that sort of price for multis as they are a dime a dozen as it is hence why your having trouble selling them
  5. Your having trouble selling them due to the average multi being of the same quality (most people buy wild caughts for there colour) As stated earlier you'd be better off selling the juvies as the adults will bring next to nothing also people generally want certificates for newly imported fish to prove they were imported
  6. You could move them into a fry saver/tank i remove the fry from 1 of my comp colonies at this size as the other pairs eat them but the rest i leave with the parents till they start to leave there shell
  7. As firthy said you may get away with some shell dweller ie multis, gold occies, caudio puncs Most others will get to big
  8. Last time i had a planted tank with cichlids i put a few little rocks around the stem of each plant to give them time to develop roots which took around 3 months but once they were established they were fine but with that said the rostratus like to bury themselves so you may have trouble keeping them in place no matter what
  9. Very nice rams mate the colours are awesome
  10. Very nice setup mate and i must agree mdokas are an awesome fish will definately be getting a new colony when i get a display up and running again And it should look even better when the val goes in
  11. I have mine breedingin a tank with no hiding spots and havent lost any yet to aggression The tank is a 4x18x18 with marble chip as substrate When i did have a cave in there the dominant male was really aggressive towards all of the other fish but once it was removed the aggression stopped andnow they only harrass each other when breeding
  12. I have just introduced my new colony of xenotilapia flavipinnis nyanza lac into my 6x2x2 along with 15 black occies after which i rearranged all of my rockwork next im going to redo the substrate as i currently have tahitian moon sand but will be replacing it with white sand
  13. blue dolphins work well for cuckoos or mdoka white lips as they have a big fry count and huge mouths
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