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  1. Need peppermints sex ID help

    well if theres someone out there with the book on how to sex em at 3-4 cm ill pay a handsome price for it ....from wat i heard at 3-4 cm its impossible to sex if u got all males i think ur chances of getting the lotto would be about the same ... maybe u should try the totto this weekend
  2. sailfin gibbi Question

    thks guys for the tips and advise .i think ill keep him or her in there for a bit longer till i see some damage .
  3. sailfin gibbi Question

    HI Just want to know if a sailfin gibbi (17cm) will mix well with bristlenose catfish? Are they aggressive? i have alot of hiding spots in the tank ...or should i take the sailfin out ...
  4. Longfin Bristlenose

    turn it sideways and it sure looks like a lady wearing a skirt ..
  5. Wasted BN

    if itsz a female it could be due to her laying some eggs which gibs that concave belly...MAYBE
  6. Albino peppermint bristlenose

    beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder if no one sees the beauty in these fishes the price would be like 50 cents each the demand and the supply hence the price
  7. peppemints(amle or female)

    Hi i have read in the forum that the slightest forking of the nose bristles are males ...wat if theres a small forking not at the two nose bristles but a tiny forking at the next brislte towards the right of the two nose bristles...very small forking..is there still a chance of it being a female?