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  1. pride

    Sick Fish help

    Hi All, sorry about the long read... I have a 4ft tank with bolivian rams, Tetras, a few platys and a trio of L333 cats. About 6 weeks back the rams started occasional flashing so i treated the tank with rapid whitespot remedy and raising the temp and followed up with a repeat treatment. All seemed going well until 3 weeks ago i started to notice white stringy poo from a few fish and also becoming quite lethargic. On advice from the LFS i treated the tank with praziquantel for 2 weeks but no change. Next trip to LFS I picked up some dimetridazole which i have mixed into a batch of food and started feeding but my issue is the L333 cats dont feed at the same time and leaving food in tank overnight I assume ineffective as the meds would dissolve from the pellets so they would still carry the issue to spread again. Also one of the fish now wont eat. Any advice? Tank ph 7, nitrate is about 10ppm.
  2. Hi All, anyone know if these are still around? About 10 years back I had a pair which I bought through someone at the NCS, name may have been Darryl? Around the time they were everywhere and would definitely be something I would like to devote a tank to again.
  3. pride

    Aquaclear quality

    Hey mate, long time since I saw you around mac park although I recently got cut in the last round of redundancies which I was hoping. Back with the one tank for now and currently cycling with plans for a multispinosa species tank which I havent kept before. I'm sure one will turn into a second tank though the hobby seems so much more expensive now. Ended up ditching the ac200 for an eheim 2217. Living in a flat and couldnt cope with new noise from the AC.
  4. Hi All, Has there been a decline in quality of the aquaclear filters or am I just unlucky and got a dud? I bought a new ac200 and straight up unit seems much more noisy than what these used to be. I took apart the impeller and shaft to rinse for any grit and reset but still same rattle. With the lid off its bearable but not what I want. Decided to lube the impeller and shaft with a little vaseline which made the unit dead silent but 2 days later already back to the noisy unit. Anyone else have this problem or a known issue with the AC now?
  5. Thanks Chris, Septemfasciatus would be nice. Nice to know they are still around.
  6. Hi Forum goers, has been maybe 7 years since I posted here and sold up my fish and equipment but feel like now is a good time for another crack although to start off slowly and wish I started a few weeks earlier with the NSW society major auction on the 6th. bought myself a 24x18x20 tank which I plan to house some SA dwarf species which is a new one for me. i previously loved my Central American species and looking around I see a few new species available too. Anyway looking for some pointers on places to purchase equipment either online or local in Sydney as well as the classifieds here which I will also be looking at? Is AOA still a good place to shop? any LFS you can recommend for a good range dwarf species? Is riverside aquarium still the go for Americans and the odd hard to find? also are Eheim canisters still the go for filtration? Someone was trying to push me onto an internal filter by ocean free but always thought internals were never great for cichlid tanks. Feel like an excited kid at Xmas buying my first tank again!! Cheers adam
  7. Are these able to cause damage to each other? Reminds me of catfights at school.....
  8. pride

    LFS Prices

    The cost has jumped on fish but the quality of fish they are selling has taken a dive..not sure about African cichlids as I skip looking at those boring types but alot of the americans I've seen about in LFS's are terrible...too much inbreeding I guess. Alot of quite deformed fish or sunken bellys.
  9. must be one of those weeks... I was using a large clear plastic hose for a water change last night and turn my head to speak to my wife for about 20 secs and to turn back and see about 75% of the jewels fry get sucked up and the male get stuck in the hose..the hose was going out onto the grass so no chance of saving the fry...the male was removed from the hose looking like the shape of a banana..
  10. pride

    Low ph

    Prior to this problem it had been a very long time since I tested my water for pH and hardness and it was always fairly alkaline so wondering if this change could maybe be attributed to our taps being fed via the desalination plant which my area (Canada Bay) is supposedly falls in?
  11. pride

    Low ph

    thanks all
  12. pride

    Low ph

    Thanks Craig, I just tested my tap water again and its 40ppm for KH which I think might be low. Would this explain low KH in the tank even though I do regular water changes each week of around 30%? Would increasing the size of the water changes assist enough to bring it up or am I going to need something else like bicarb soda to do the job. I use pool sand as substrate so maybe a little crushed coral mixed in?
  13. pride

    Low ph

    Hi all, I'm not usually too fussed on checking my water quality as I do regular water changes to a routine 30% pw and all has been well.....until now. I've notice in my 6fter alot of the fish have a few shredder fins...so went an got a test kit and found my ph is 6 or less as the chart doesn't go down any further on the kit. GH - 30 KH - 0 pH - 6 NO2 - 0 NO3 - 20 I've tested my tap water and its much harder and alkaline? I have some large pieces of driftwood which I have had in the tank for many years. Would these be the culprit if starting to break down and rot? Also by the way I have jewels and kribensis in the tank who don't seem bothered by it as they are breeding and with fry but its the other fish being spilurus and some giant danios that are being affected.
  14. Between 30 and 50 bucks......though I would happily give fish away myself if I knew it was going to a good home...
  15. pride


    Without disrespecting the victim but those are pretty ordinary fish to be making a big theft on. Ordinary meaning the fish are pretty common.. hope the buggers get caught sooner than later..
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