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  1. Lepperfish

    Metriaclima greshakei makokola reef

    Nice fish! Love the ice blue on the tail.
  2. Hey mate I'm in Newport as well....do you sell. Any fish?

  3. Hey mate I'm in Newport as well....do you sell. Any fish?

  4. Lepperfish

    Kapampa Frontosa WC

  5. Lepperfish

    Time Lapse Mbuna

    LoL, well the app will go on any iOS device and you can set the time between photos been taken. The video I posted was 1 photo every 2 seconds and I recorded for 12 mins to make a 20 second video and frame rate is 19 frames/second..
  6. Lepperfish

    Time Lapse Mbuna

    It appears at the end of the video, but you can turn it off. its called "Lapse It" I think its usually a paid app but I got it for free last week..
  7. Lepperfish

    Time Lapse Mbuna

    Hey guys, Got a pretty cool iPhone App the other day and just tried it out this afternoon. Also cleaned out the ehiem so the tank is cranking at the moment.. Anyway, checkout the video here. ~ Lepperfish ~
  8. Lepperfish

    My fish and toy room..

    Geez, could just about fit my head inside that turbo!!! Huge!!!!!! Car looks freakishly straight!! Thanks for sharing.. Lepperfish....
  9. Lepperfish

    Fronts in a 4x2x2?

    I kept a colony of blue moba in a 4x2x2 for about 5 years. Grew them up from fry, They will be ok for a few years but to breed with a colony of 10 you really need a 6x2x2 at minimum. The only reason I sold them was because I couldn't house them in a larger tank that they needed. It was a sad day indeed.
  10. No video link I can see here.. I guess it would be better for people to know which food is ok for which african cichlid. I feed my mbuna SERA FLORA Flakes and feed my tangs completely different stuff.
  11. Lepperfish

    Camera options

    I don't think this is entirely accurate. You can get an entry level DSLR with an all purpose lens. Or a kit that comes with 2 lenses like this one. http://www.camerasdirect.com.au/canon-1100d-grey-digital-slr-camera-kit-w-ef-s-18-55mm-is-usm-lens-and-ef-s-55-250mm-f-4-5-6-is-lens An entry level DSLR will out perform P&S cameras any day of the week.
  12. Lepperfish

    What is your favourite Frontosa.

    Id have to say Moba as well..
  13. Lepperfish

    First Timer

    Yeah that should work, just make sure she eats plenty.. Its a wealth of information around here, you have come to the right place thats for sure!
  14. Lepperfish

    First Timer

    Its usually a good idea to keep the female in a tank of her own so she doesn't get spawned again by the males so soon after releasing fry. A week of feeding is generally the rule before being spawned again. Congrats on the strip though!