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  1. so tell me what you think
  2. I normally have had a icecream containter but i havent unpacket every from moving so i just went down the road and got the net type so lession learnt here. what happened was the other fish in the tank was biting the net and eating the fry it happened all to fast to save even 1 fry o well i hope they breed again soon
  3. i just watched my female spit her fry about 10 in a fry keeper net thing that sit in the main tank. well what happened is the fish swam to the bottom to get chomped apart all ten of them n about 3 seconds of horror
  4. J_SiN

    my tanks

    never even had a slip in the rocks i think cause i have a huge selection i main grabbed the ones with flat sides which makes it easy to stack. I also when building the piles i put about 1cm of gravel down then stack the rocks then fill the tank with more gravel
  5. the canon 40D does shot really nice and its well worth the extra little bit over the 450D which i dont think its as good as the canon 400D
  6. i wouldn't say its old age as i have some cichlids that are 4 years old and they look just as colorful is he still eatting ?
  7. i know we not ment to use them in vic but i got a cast net would be nice to brag up 100' at a time
  8. all i can say is i wish mine where half as good as that tank
  9. J_SiN

    my tanks

    I keep a range of african cichlids e.yellows, m. interruptus, hongi, cobolt blues, rustys and bn catfish so just comon types i guess dont have alot of money to buy fish
  10. J_SiN

    my tanks

    tank1 there are about 15 fish in there but they are camera shy tank2 tank3 and if any one know of m.interruptus for sale please let me know
  11. i got my hands on a couple of water containers from waterfall which hold around 15 to 20ltrs with water tight lids easy to stack and move plus they make it easy for water changers
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