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  1. Scooba


    Sweet, I've been held up with the tanks a bit, but i'm plumbing it today so shouldn't be much longer and i'll pick em up. Thanks Steve
  2. Scooba


    Hope my peacocks are ok!!! I've got faith in ya Andy Steve
  3. I went chasing Eggcrate today, took about 6 phone calls to different places but finally found a place that had it, it was under $30 for a 1200mm x 600mm sheet. The place is specialised wholesale in newcastle, surely if we sell it up here it must be fairly common in sydney??? Steve
  4. how big and how thick are you looking for? i just got a few sheets of white polystyrene the other day, 1200x600x12 for $2.60 a sheet. The name of the place was insulation industries in newcastle. Try places that do insulation. Steve
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