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  1. Great set ups. Love the cyps
  2. tootie

    Media in sump

    Hey Alex, where do you buy egg crates?? At Bunnings who don't seem to sell it... Thanks ?
  3. tootie

    Media in sump

    Hey Buccal, what kind of filter wool do you use?? thanks for your advice ??
  4. tootie

    Media in sump

    The sump has been running for a while now (2 years where I live now and several years where I lived previously) and only had this problem in the last couple of months. Have washed everything out so that not too much gunge on the jap mat in the baffles. The bio balls are submerged under water. This is in first chamber. The egg crate is supported by PVC thick tubes. 1st the filter wool then bio balls in this chamber. Maybe I'm getting a bit bloody OCD about the whole thing. As Buccal says, I may have added too much water in last water change. However it seems a bit of a reoccurring problem over the last couple of months. Prior to this I thought it may have been due to evaporation in third chamber (where pump is). Chris, I will have to text you photos later as I don't know how to post pics on this thing... Thanks Guys
  5. tootie

    Media in sump

    Have 3 chambers in sump with baffles. Chamber 1 - water inlet, spinning arm. Filter wool and bio balls. Egg crate a little of the bottom. Chamber 2 - coral sand and refuge. chamber 3 - air pump. Most baffles have jap mat in them. They seem to be a bit problematic here as its reducing water flow from chamber 1 to chamber 3. I'm unsure what should be in the baffles, if anything?? I was thinking of placing a large piece of jap mat in the first chamber so there would be filter wool - jap mat-bio balls. Would this work ok?? Or do I need to have jap mat in the baffles to avoid any debris moving from the refuge chamber (where I grow out a small amount of fry) into the chamber where the water will be pumped back into the main tank??Then how would I address the reduction in water flow from one chamber to the next? Any suggestions more than welcome. Thanks.
  6. tootie

    Sump advice

    Thanks for the useful feedback. Where do u get the filter socks and what do u put inside them? where in sump do u put them and how many do u need? ive had trouble vacuuming (the tubing with plastic thing at end) mine as its so low on the ground. how do u vac? cheers, shirley
  7. tootie

    Pumps in sumps

    How often do people clean there pump in the returning chamber in the sump?
  8. tootie

    Sump advice

    How often is best to vac sumps? i hardly ever do mine although I change the filter wool in the water inlet chamber. It does have the brown stuff at the bottom. I've never had any problems with losing fish with this system despite irregular cleaning of sump. Googled and some people do it every water change and others only do water changes from there sumps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. It's been in the last couple of years I've had the problems. Still using Eheims I already have. Need to buy heaters for a 2x18x18; 3 4x18x18 it cost a fortune last year for electricity but no heating and shed has heaps of gaps so the cold gets in. Any alternative ideas Chris
  10. Hi Folks, I've used eheim heaters in my tanks throughout my years of fish keeping. In the last couple of years I've had several of the heaters not turning off at maximum temperature. Luckily to date I've found this in team before my fish become toasted. I need some new heaters and am now a bit wary of using eheim. What's your experience with heaters? What do you currently use and what make would you recommend? Thanks Shirley
  11. Dramas with fish tank going through floor. Need 4 guys to help for a couple of hours maximum tomorrow (Saturday) to help move the stand and tank around. If you can help please text me on 0409848870 ASAP. Thanks Shirley
  12. I had a standard 4ft tank when I started out many years ago - can't remember the exact number of fish I had with each species but definitely at least 5 of one The fish consisted of: Tanzania Aceii; mbamba; yellows; peacocks (ngara flametail i grew them all up as fry. There were never any issues from this mix. The tank looked great with the different colours. The good thing was that female yellows, Aceii and mbamba are all colourful like the males. good luck with whatever you choose. it may be useful to check out the photograph forum on this site to see what people have in there tanks.
  13. Donny, what type of rocks are they you have beside the plant? Nice set up. I've got two large rocks in about a 7ft tank and worked out too late that if I got another tank (which is the plan) for the top shelf of the stand that the gap won't be big enough to get the rocks out when I need to catch the fish.
  14. Thanks guys - had forgot to add the hose clamps Now sorted
  15. Hsve brand new Resun LP40 The white shaft (where the plastic thing that has air valves that air tubing gets attached to) that connects to the black hose attached to the pump keeps falling out. I've had to tape the white thing to the black hose to prevent it coming apart (which means obviously that the air doesn't go to the tanks). I'm unsure if it's faulty or I'm doing something wrong. Help please
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