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  1. What a fabulous weekend! We really enjoyed everything about it. Great talks, amazing food and just an extremely well organised event in general. The speakers were incredible and more than happy to chat and answer all of our questions.
  2. shane

    cichlid industries

    Hey Mate, from what I can gather, a young fella up our way has bought a lot of Cichlids Direct's tanks (he may have bought them out altogether, I don't know). We have been following updates on facebook and believe he is now open. I'm keen for a look if you want to come along. I'll give you a call
  3. shane


  4. shane

    Guess What I am?

    Just a stab in the dark, is that a knife fish tail I see in the background? Whatever it is, congratulations! You sound pretty excited about it!
  5. shane

    Alto Comps Mbita

    Hi John, we've had them show interest in breeding at 4cm and regularly breeding by 4.5cm, ours are currently in pairs but we have had them in harems in the past also. Our fry are raised in the parents tank Hope that helps, Shane
  6. shane

    What Vic am I?

    My appologies Brett, I didn't pay any attention to the photo as I remembered you buying the fish in question but as others have said, it doesn't appear to be a nigrican. For comparison, here is a picture of my nigrican followed by my nyererei "Makobe Island":
  7. shane

    What Vic am I?

    If memory serves me right, you bidded on Neochromis nigricans at the March auction
  8. shane

    Aulonocranus dewndti

    I had them for a while and so did Andy. They all went to Shane and Michelle. Contact member "shellfish" as they may still have them. Thankyou very much Yes, we do still have them and have some fry coming up available soon. Have replied to pm with more details. Thanks, Shane & Shell
  9. shane

    Macrops 'Ikola red eye' & tank mates

    Thanks everyone Yeah Mate, should have some ready to go around auction time in October. Yep got fry coming up now so should have some WHEN you ever return
  10. Callochromis macrops 'Ikola red eye' Gold occie Mbillibilli juveniles flavapinnis 'Nyanza Lac' Spilopterus meleagris Cheers Shane
  11. Here's one that I visit from time to time, http://www.duboisi.com/
  12. shane

    Fish growing old gracefully

    We have 2 frontosa and 7 cuckoo cats that we got as youngens about 7 years ago Shane and Shell
  13. shane

    Orange Chromides

    Hi Adam, we bought a breeding pair of these guys recently. They haven't breed for us yet but it's still early days. If your interested, we could let you know when we have fry. Shell and Shane.
  14. shane

    ACE BBQ Newcastle

    Yeah, it was a great day. Thanks to all the organisers . Shane, Shell & family .
  15. Hi Ed, I completely agree with Craig. We lost interest for a while after moving but then we decided to go out and get a few fish we'd always wanted, that plus this forum is what got us enthusiastic again. By the way, that last shot is great. Shell & Shane