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  1. He doesn't look too bad for his age. I have a blind Keyhole Cichlid. The only food she can easily find to eat is frozen food mix. She can smell it and the pieces sit on the bottom until she finds it. I make my own mix by blending fish, prawns & veggies. All of my fish prefer my home made mix but if you don't want to make your own you can buy it in similar form in pet shops labeled as Cichlid Food, Community Food etc.
  2. Got him taking pellets yet? Are you raising the crickets yourself? If you can't wean him off them the best you can do is gut load them with high quality vitamin enriched food.
  3. Well I ended up with plenty of fry and also discovered the reason for the male's behaviour. They spawned again and once again he chased her away but I spotted her sneaking back a couple of times and eating some eggs. So he knew best after all.
  4. He's a crap husband but so far has been a good dad.
  5. Thanks in the end I left them together I was reluctant to disturb them too much, I was afraid the eggs might be abandoned. I added some extra cover for the female to hide in. The eggs are now wrigglers and the male is still very protective of them.
  6. Hi guys, a few months ago I purchased a mature pair of Rainbow Cichlids and put them in 3 foot breeding tank. Today the female laid eggs. But it was not the happy event I was hoping for. After fertilising the eggs the male started harassing the female and he won't let her go back near the eggs even though she tries. He chases her all over the tank then goes back to hovering over the eggs. He repeats this behaviour. I'm not sure what to do. Separate them? If so which one do I leave with the eggs?
  7. Out of curiosity I just ordered some Vitalis cichlid pellets. Described as being 'soft' pellets and have a moisture content of 20% as opposed to 10% for NLS. Anyone tried it?
  8. I've used filter sand before. The grain size is excellent, just big enough so that it doesn't compact and is easy to clean. It's inert and perfect except that I don't find it very pleasing to look at. This time around I went with a fine white silica sand that I obtained from a local quartz quarry. Beautiful appearance, though maintenance might be a little more time consuming.
  9. I'll be interested in any responses myself. I'm back into the hobby after 10 years and using NLS cichlid regular like I did back then but curious to know what else might be recommended these days.
  10. Sounds great Ozi. The Aqua One tanks look nice and would be perfect for a discus display. I used to have a 90L AR620 as a planted tetra display. I think you'll find that you have to boost the lighting & filtration. Mine's up and running after a couple of minor setbacks. Now the long wait while it cycles.
  11. Hi Ozi, I think we were both active at around the same time 10-15 years ago. What set up do you have in mind this time around? I had a 4 x 18 x 18 delivered this week and will be spending the weekend sanding and staining and initial setup stuff. I plan to keep some medium sized central Americans. Probably just display, not sure I want to get into raising fry again.
  12. Hi guys! I've been out of the hobby for nearly 10 years but I want to set up a tank again. Going to a LFS tomorrow to get some prices. This was my favourite site and it's a bit disappointing to see that it seems to have slowed down since I was active a decade ago. Oh well, I'm back and if everything goes to plan I hope to be a regular contributor again.
  13. Those shrimp must be nervous in there.
  14. Just a b/n is all i plan to have, i thought about cories, but thought their activity might be disturbing to the rams. I'd love to try ottos, if i could ever find some.
  15. Thanks for the comments. Ended up buying the standard 620. I do want to try growing some plants, and given that the taller one uses the same lights, i thought the shallower one might be better for plants. I plan on adding fish much like yours cpfc - about 10 neons, 6 black neons, a pair of blue rams, and something near the surface - maybe a few hatchets or danios. Cheers.
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