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  1. Some of the best aquascapes I have seen mate, awesome job.. David...
  2. I think Dogboy was takin the p#$s out of me about my over done pallet racking, he enjoyes it.. hello Richard.. Pool filter has 120kg of coarse zeolite in it?, no media in my sump,zeolite needs to be in a stocking if ran in sump chambers, works great, filters out very small particals, as good as filter wool, nitrate is always at a low, at least with regular water changes..., was thinking of placing bio balls at the top of filter.... I have been using this type of set for a long time and had no probs with strait zeolite, no other material.. Water changes are simple, i have a half way drain running into sump, turn filter to backwash to clean filter out... zeolite is more of a mechanical filtration then biological, but still does a great job..i have a lot of fish in there at the moment, and some big ones at that, i tend to overfeed, and no probs... David...
  3. Set up a 4footer to grow some peacock bass up for couple of months.. couple more pics.. David..
  4. Sqeeze her Glen, ?? cmon?, im ready when there ready.. Thank you Rob, yeah stand is over kill, the way i like it, and yep 8 footer is a Dalbarb tank... was thinking of putting pump outside and building a cover for it... bit noisy.. Hey Dogboy!!! it was out last summer it didnt heat up at all?? i think the night time cools it back down as well??, but yeah i will build a cover over it soon to protect it... and i cant wait to see lots of fish in it as well... hope to put 2 x 400mm skylights over it next few weeks, very dark tank as bottom side and back is black... David
  5. Yeah thanks Glen, sorry mate thought it would look better here?? Im hanging to get some of your Motoro rays in there... still waiting patiantly for yours... David...
  6. Hey mate, great looking tank, nice fat loaches in there.. sump is just a catchment area for now i guess??, and some of the water is bypassed back in there as that pump has so much power.. may put some low partitions in there and do a planted refugium in it.. Stocklist, 13 clown loaches 13 Moba fronts 8 Kigoma Fronts 30cm gold spot pleco peacock bass mono growing up to add soon.. David..
  7. Thanks mate, done well to remember all those, awsome tank to watch... nice yellows to... David..
  8. Yeah mate well done, nice fish list and the quality of them is really good.. im needing a bit of ispiration for my big tank as well, this may have helped... do you have a list of all stock in there??? David..
  9. Thanks mate, I think pump is 1-1/4 hp.... no media in the sump, zeolite keeps the nitrates pretty low, and does an awsome job on filtering the water, crystal clear.. Do you have any pics of your tank and tank mates??? Still no idea what to put in there??? Im a little over tangs?? except fronnies... plumbing and uv is all hooked up ready to go, just letting tank cure for a few more days... David..
  10. Thanks guys, not sure what is going in it at the moment, was going to go big S.A and rays..., but may end up big tangs and maybe few malawi?? base glass is black laminate as well as i aint going to put any substrate in it, think it will look cleaner Was going to be peacock bass and motoro rays??? undicided Any recomendations???? I have 8 Kigoma fronts 7 - 12cm and 13 Moba fronts 5cm may end up putting them in and go from there... maybe some big tricoti?, big clown loaches, multipunctatus cats?? just display fish... Bit of progress, pump hooked up and filter in place.. Will be running 3 x 3 foot twin t5's white and blue, and 2 x big skylights between them... theres also black laminate on side as well to keep the light in..?? Performance pro pump, 16000ltrs an hour.. Biiiiiiiiiiiiig filter.. pool sand filter, good for 80,000ltr pool... 120kg zeolite... David...
  11. Hello, update on the fishroom, most tanks and fish were sold off, to make room for this baby, 11 x 800mm x 800mm.. empty, fresh coat of paint.. Duragal stand, 65 x 65mm with removable front posts to fit sump in.. 8 x 18" x 18" sump.. looks small under there... heavy!!! 11 footer!! didnt break it!! And mi toz is having a make over.. David..
  12. Top job mate, looks great, nice looking tank and nice fish selection... David..
  13. Thats a big buM fry saver mate.. very rewarding... David..
  14. good on you mate, top job, they are beautiful... David...
  15. I was going to change males till i noticed my Kilesa fry not 100%???, im not sure if its maybe even the fry savers?? maybe not enough water flow through them?? they are the fish cave ones?? need to start trying new methods as i have about 200 Foai fry growing and they are perfect... just the sand sifters?? David....
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