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  1. Try all off the above and you~ll find it still wont work^^^ but thats just from my experiences prolly means nuthin' to ppl here but that dont bother me
  2. short answer is NO unfortunetly HTH
  3. hey all great photos keep up the great work, heres my photo but im not entering in this comp as i cant handle anther tank maybe i should donate next months price 3ft standard sound good to me this is my yellow severum got to love those red eyes thought id kick off some pond photos not the greatest photos but they will do enjoy tony_aquarooms
  4. Daniel what add are you talking about its a planted display tank not 1 for sale cheers
  5. here is my personal planted tank AT HOME heres the link plantted tank 1 planted closeup just so you know its a 3ft x 18 x20 with a 400watt metal halide and paced with anibus, cripts, amazons, and others fish include discus, gibbiceps, and geophagus juripari and alfronts cheers Tony
  6. hey here is my site dedicated to all types of display tanks hope you all enjoy display tanks TONY
  7. Hey jamie great site so far mate and i glad you like your new tanks if you need and help with anything plumbing, getting the right flow rate and so forth we are free after hours this week for you mate and our site has moved a bit i think you know that but regards Tony_Aquarooms
  8. Hey all i`ve just upated my site with some more of our customers aquariums soon to top 35+ aquariums at work places alone and more on home aquariums too Visit Aquarooms cheers Tony_aquarooms
  9. Hey all, I finally got the site up and running properly and as fast as i hoped, hope it works for you all and i`ll be adding more photos of this weeks adventures for you all to see (just finished a 6ft x 3ftH 20"W, and starting a 1000L+ Hole in the wall tank 4ftx4ft(H) x 2ft (25mm+) so i`ll update the photos soon) check out AQUAROOMS cheers
  10. Thanks all Sab_ Thanks i`ll get on to it ASAP (i have dreamweaver and flash5 but i`m not as good at it as i should be) (might work on it a while longer) Yew_ i`ll have a look too _maybe i can become a sponsor soon too cheers Serial_ dead link i was exspecting more than 1 cool i only just slapped this site together over night o well it will get there Cheers All Tony_aquaroooms
  11. Hey All, i`ve got my new site up and running and just wondering if it works properly for you too check out aquarooms cheers
  12. hey Richard Thanks for the heads up Site is up and running now cheers
  13. hey all just added more photos to our site and will be adding all our tanks/ponds we`ve built and serviced hope you all enjoy aquarooms Cheers
  14. hey great pond cant wait till all the Frontosa and Gibbiceps are in and its all up and running, please take photos of the technical side of things i`m sure we would all like to see the filter and heating ect keep up the good work BBB cheers
  15. hey lee thanks for the good comments when i say tanks @ work and home i mean the tanks i service for my customers so yes i run an aquarium maintainance business, however my fish ( fish i keep) can be seen on my fish close-ups and just to let you all know there are many more photos to come as i haven`t added all our customers tanks yet (cant wait to add them all) cheers
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