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  1. hopes this helps but the only 2 people that i know of that has these beautiful fish are Ductsta and Panga. give them a PM and hopefully you can get some.
  2. i agree with roo, with a tank that size (5x2x2) at maximum water it holds 540L thats all the way to the tip of the tank. i fyou have a 5cm distance from the top of the tank then it would be 495L and therefore another 200 watt heater would be recomended. another 300 woul dbe good. hope it helps.
  3. i agree with Lee, aquaclears are great, how many times the filter filters your water is important but then again you have to judge for yourself if your filter is enough, maybe a filter that only goes cycles the tank 3 times is enough then its OK. also aquaclears has a VERY LOW wattage which will save you $$$$$ when you power bill comes. this is just IMO. hope it helps though.
  4. hi guys, after reading all the replies, IMO having the extra piece of cotton wool over the biomat would help because the reason that bio balls arent spose to get dirty then wouldnt all the waste have to be cleaned and captured before it gets to the bio balls? i know it kinda of restricts the air flow but then one of the recomendations of putting the airline into the bioball chambers will befine and i dont mind doing that. thanks and keep'em coming.
  5. just got a recomendation from a fellow forum user, to have accurate forum time, post a post and at the samee time change the time on your computer to the time of the foruma nd there you go, the computer time is your forum time. thought i'll post this up for other interested users who want to know the forum time during auctions and other purposes.
  6. so there isnt a place where you can find out the time without posting?
  7. thanks for the response guys. Cthompson, yeh i realised that the height of the glass that you are talking about, the drawing is only a rough one. and will take your advice on using matrix rock where the shell is in the second picture.
  8. this may sound stupid but can someone tell me where the forum cloct is located? as there has been alot of auctions happening and there is a time allocation where no more bids can take place. And i have no idea where the clock is.
  9. maybe i will try abit of both? bio balls and matrix rock?
  10. there you go, another error. by looking at the design of the sump, the bio balls or half of it will be sitting underwater, so what substitute is good for bioballs which will be sittin both under and on top of water?
  11. teejaybee, yeh the spining arms can get expensive, can cost from $45-70 each. so therefore i a have decided to go with the spray bar which is easy to make and more cheaper and does the same job. little swimmer, how about this setup? what do you think about this one? the shells are added to buffer the PH? another question though is that the space where the shells are place, should i add more like filter media like cotton wool? or is the filter pad and cotton wool at the top sufficient.? andone else can give hints and tips on what i am going to build?
  12. yeh i just asked a couple of people over the phone and they too recomend the spinning arms type. however i am going to make a spray bar instead. first the water will go out of the spray bar then then onto a filter pad, after that is a layer of cotton wool and lastly, the biobal before they go down and gets pumped back into the tank.
  13. thanks for the reply, in the middle of deciding which type of filter to make, this one or a matrix style one. guess i have made up my mind to go with the spray bar type and not the matrix type sump.
  14. hi guys, i was wondering if it would work if i make a sump out of a 3 footer using matrix media style to filter 2 of 4x2x2 tanks and maybe an extra 2 standard 4 foot in the future. here is a picture of the sump that i am going to make, any suggestions or tips would be really appreiciated.
  15. what is a spray bar and how do you make it? is it more efficient compared to the drop tray? and can you please show me how to make one?
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