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  1. I seen that egg crate at le aquatic in loverpool might help
  2. Hi yes they are outside all year round and survive perfectly fine I do find they breed a lot in the warmer months though
  3. I have cherry shrimp outside and the gun leaves fall in and they are all doing really well still. Not sure if this helps but shrimp are usually sensitive to things and they are thriving and breeding.
  4. There was lots of nice tangs comes through at this auction.
  5. I always used Eheim or Fluval canister filters in the past and they pretty much lasted forever. I have tried some other brands but didn’t find them as long lasting. That is my experience.
  6. I also bought some raffle tickets. They were meant to be lucky ones lol. I bought a bag I johnjansonae and some julidochromis. I didn't arrive till late after work and missed some good fish apparently.
  7. How did everyone go at the auction last night?
  8. Thank you all for fantastic help love this forum. Age of aquarium Skippy Link To Hell appreciate it a lot.
  9. The one I was thinking of sits inside the tank. Running the same as a sponge filter but with the rocks and media inside the ice cream container. i forget the process of how it all went together.
  10. Hi all i remember a little whole back at the cichlid society meeting Chris showing some different types of filters There was an ice cream container filled with rocks or media and a tube coming out. Does anyone have any instruction on making these? wouldnt mind making a couple for some of my tanks.
  11. sicj


    They are out there was a bag at the cichlid clubs raffle last night. Someone must be breeding.
  12. Hi guys is anyone breeding Hajomaylandi? love the look of them and hope to get some :-)
  13. Hi Buccal whete can I get the sheets from?
  14. Hi all i currently rent and I have my fish tanks in a detached garage. it is freezing in there and I really would like to insulate it to help keep warm this winter and cooler in summer. I need an idea with a type of insulation that I can remove when I leave with ease and no fuss. My he structure of the building is made of wood and walls of fibro. Any my help would be great. John
  15. Hi Chris Was speaking to you the other night at the meeting regarding building a fishroom and how to keep electricity costs down. Looking to keep a mix Some tangs Some Malawi Maybe a pair of polleni. Miss breeding them and the relaxation I used to get from it. Plus you get to meet some great people in the hobby too.
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