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  1. If your matrix that was in your canister filter was transferred to your sump and not fully submerged the the bacteria will die, because the bacteria with fully submerged filter media and filter media with water running over it is not the same. I could be wrong but that is my understanding of it all.
  2. Nice fish mate great colours
  3. Good looking fish mate
  4. Thanks for the advise AndrewP I've got a 2 foot t5 above I changed the globes to blue and life glow which is better than the other one I had its about half the brightness. I tested the kh and it is on the low side 80mg/l so I've started bring it up. The tank has about 25 utintas 7 kelisa and I've got on order 3 wc tricotti 1 male 2 females.
  5. Hi guys I keep utintas but I'm not that happy with their color. There is about 25 of them in a 5x2x2 foot tank black background sand substrate. 1 blue t8 globe and 1 white globe 2 limestone 35 kg each rocks . My problem is that they don't have very much color feeding them New life spectruim and frozen brine shrimp. Do you guys have any suggestions on why these are lacking color. All water peramiters are good
  6. Great collection of fish you have there.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions guys I'm thinking of a new tank 5x2x2 if I can convince the misses
  8. the tank is 4ft long 18in wide 20inch high
  9. Hi guys i've just sold my discus and am going back to african cichlids. The tank that am going to use is a 200l 4 foot tank with pool filter sand as substrate and all the normal water parametors for lake tanganyikan cichlids. Ive got on order some 10 cyprichromis leptosoma utinta. Now my idea that i want for this tank is for the cyp's to breed and the fry to live in the tank with the adults. I was wondering if there is any shell dwellers or sandsifters that could go in to the tank with them and may not prey on the fry? Has anyone done this in the past? any suggestions would be great thanks Ben
  10. hi foti the fish in that pic is called a halfbeak and are livebearers like guppies . the family name is i think Hemirhamphidae hope this helps
  11. hi there what about paracyprichromis nigripinnis seaview sometimes has these got them with my breeding pair of black calvus and they still breed all the time and i get some nigripinnis fry to.
  12. hi guy's just wanted to start a thead about fish we wish we had. Me i would have to say Benthochromis tricoti and for me i'm still a sucker for the pleco L046 even though the are over priced for my budget. Maybe santa might bring us one of our wish list fish for christmas.
  13. hi shane comgrats on the spawn its hard to say if the parents will eat the fry. the fry that ypu saved won't like big water changes. there groth rate is very slow i've got some 1cm goldhead comps and they would have to be 3.5 to 4 months old. i feed them frozen baby brine shrimp and crushed up flake food. hope this helps ben
  14. a mate of mine rang me up 2-3 weeks ago and said he was selling his breeding pair of black calvus, abit straped for cash and the wife! i said no. For the next few days i was kicking myself thinking yes no hope he hasn't sold them. i told the wife that these fish are a true breeding pair and that after all the bad luck with fish eg 3 hundred down the drain for a pair of gold head comps that have done nothing for the past 6 months, i talked her around hey. so i rang my mate and asked if he had sold them and to my luck he hadn't so i'll take them so i picked them up a few days later. i put them in my tank about a week and a half ago for the last 4-5 days the male had been fluttering up to the female and the female would go over all the shells in the tank and the male would follow. last night i was watching them and they were just sitting next to a shell in the tank all night and i thought breeding wouldn't be far away but they just sat there so i turned the light off and want to bed about 12. to my amazment to night she's wedged tightly in the shell they were sitting next to all night so now i'm cheering and are ready for the next chalange rasing the fry slow proccess.
  15. looks like one other female might breed soon
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