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  1. As always... awesome shot Budi. Wish I could get photos like this... Guess it just takes practice, and the right lenses...
  2. Don 't know if Monster Fish Keepers has been added to the list of linkable websites... Here goes anyways... http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/s...tropheus+purple
  3. Has anyone seen this breed around? The real deal? Have they line bred colours in Tropheus? I've had a search on the net and the only site I can find linked to this colouring is Lufubu. I saw them for sale in the States on that monster fish site. Seems like some pretty intense colouring. Would be nice to get my hands on.
  4. dont think it's legal/appropriate for me to name the shop, but yeah i wont go there again Can you pm me the shop? Or at least tell me what suburb?
  5. Ok... so after a week of fearing for the worst, it appears as though he has returned to normal. I'm still dumbfounded...Don't know what was going on... I'll try and get some photos up tonight. He will soon be moving into his new home... a 4x2x2 that's getting prep'd at the moment. Fingers crossed...
  6. How about getting the cheapy tank... then using the cracked tanks to build the baffles...? That way you're not wasting any glass...
  7. sure is... and it's in there until he turns into a feeder
  8. Everything appears normal in that regard... I have cut his food down to half rations and I think this is what is making it less inflamed. As he is the only one in the tank eating pellets, it makes it easier to restrict the food he gets. I might just wait it out and see what happens... The last thing I want to do is put him down...
  9. I have upped the water changes to keep the water as pristine as possible and still trying to source the meds. Noone could confirm or deny any of my suspisions so I'm off to chat to the vet on the weekend. Whatever is going on, it seems less inflamed now, albiet still herniated... And still leaving me very worried.
  10. Picked him up today... Fitting in nicely in my newly set up 4x2x2. Lots of room for a Juvie Jack Dempsey! Looks like he's got a split tail that I didn't notice at the store though..
  11. Ok... Don't know if it's ok to post to alternative sources but...the reasoning behind my Metro conclusion was this piece of information... http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWsubwebindex/OscarDisF8.htm About 1/3 down the page, someone explains the same symptoms as my little guy and it has been pin-pointed to an internal parasite that obstructs leading to constipation... Obviously he's tried a little too hard to clear it out and this is the result... What do you guys think?
  12. Ok... best info I've got so far for a possible fix is Metronidazole... Anyone know where I can get my hands on it in Sydney? The sites are saying it's only accessable from a Vet...
  13. Very concerned about my little Oscar... He's about 2 1/2 months old by my guess. I've been in Thailand for the last 10 days for work leaving my girlfriend with a very specific list of instructions to follow i.e. How much food, when, water change twice with all the right additives etc. I got back yesterday and everything appeared to be ok. Water had the right parameters (0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 40 nitrates, 6.8 pH) water was reasonably clear and all ready for another water change this afternoon... Got home this afternoon to do the water change and found this... It looks like he's ruptured his anus. Everyone else in the tank is healthy with no signs of trouble. My thoughts would be that constipation was that bad that he's ruptured himself, but he did not appear to be bloated before this was visible... Can anyone give me some tips? The only information I have been able to find on the net advised to humanely put the fish down and that is the last thing I want to do...
  14. They're great when they first start learning how to talk, but watch it... In a few months time you will have to watch what you're saying around him... Gonzo has already picked up a few...umm...undesirable words that we've only heard mentioned around him once or twice... And then the ones you want him to learn he never says... Little b@stard !!
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