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  1. H e r o


    Please help anyone
  2. H e r o


    I was just wondering if anyone could fill me in on how the fishes breed, where they hold eggs until they hatch (or do they just spit out the unhatched eggs?) and how long do you wait until you squeeze the eggs out? Any help would be great thanks
  3. didn't u say u tryed to milk her??how come they didn't come out then?
  4. H e r o


    ok thanks but what about Maingano's do you have any idea about them?
  5. H e r o


    About how old does a pair of b/n, e yellow, e blues an pulu points have to be until they breed. Just an approximate figure in months or weeks thanx. Also what size do they breed at roughly?
  6. haha dam i couldn't afford that....thats why im goin to shops and buyin stuff in all different places to get tha best deal
  7. Y do u drill holes in ur tank?
  8. Ok thanks Mbuna thats all I needed to know. Except is a Internal Power Filter any good. E.g. Is it quality, will it clean the tank any good etc. Thnx
  9. H e r o


    I really have no idea.I really love fish tanks and have a small one. I am still in the process of saving up my pennies for a 4ft or 5ft. The only proper fish shop i've been to is Strictly Aquariums in Engadine. But i have heard that St George and Extreme Aquariums is good
  10. Can anyone tell me roughly how much it would cost me to set up a 4ft or 3ft tank if i went around to different places buying my own stuff and making my own setup. P.S. Just a rough estimate plz
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