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  1. Lisa encourage FB members to come back here
  2. Yanke, from what i have been told they are not they are a line breed cross of some morphs however Andrew from Labyrinth would be know 100%
  3. wow some blasts from the past in this post im dragging up . with FB killing all FS posts maybe its time for an ACE resurgance?
  4. Thanks Mike, You forgot to mentions CDAS glad to see your still kicking around BTW A
  5. there are a few being bred in Canberra Brad, let me know when you in the market ill get you in touch with a breeder, there is likely to be a few up for sale at the CDAS mega auction in February
  6. there is a whole saler selling the E. maculatus for time to time A
  7. Good morning all Have the Etroplus canarensis ever been available in Australia. the article in AMazonas magazine Link here peaked my interest I know other from the genus have been (or are) Thanks Alex
  8. Sorry Rod this was just a dump from their website
  9. Do they show any aggression to your ray Alex? and do they out compete it for food?
  10. this is from the list reds are more pricey than the yellows.. KRIBENSIS WILD RED Pelvicachromis pulcher IMPORT KRIBENSIS WILD YELLOW Pelvicachromis pulcher IMPORT KRIBENSIS - SCARLET Pelvicachromis sacrimontis KRIBENSIS STRIPED - DEHANE Pelvicachromis taeniatus
  11. It is best to feed the shrimp to your fish soon after they hatch as this is when they are their most nutritious
  12. Big thankyou to Andrew and Anton for yesterdays shin dig Great night great talks and great people, it was good to meet some of you forum lurkers too
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