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  1. Canberra Alex

    Apistogramma species

    there are a few being bred in Canberra Brad, let me know when you in the market ill get you in touch with a breeder, there is likely to be a few up for sale at the CDAS mega auction in February
  2. Canberra Alex

    Etroplus canarensis

    there is a whole saler selling the E. maculatus for time to time A
  3. Canberra Alex

    Etroplus canarensis

    Good morning all Have the Etroplus canarensis ever been available in Australia. the article in AMazonas magazine Link here peaked my interest I know other from the genus have been (or are) Thanks Alex
  4. Canberra Alex

    Wild Kribensis at AI

    Sorry Rod this was just a dump from their website
  5. Canberra Alex

    8x3x2.5 Tank Journal

    Do they show any aggression to your ray Alex? and do they out compete it for food?
  6. Canberra Alex

    Wild Kribensis at AI

    this is from the list reds are more pricey than the yellows.. KRIBENSIS WILD RED Pelvicachromis pulcher IMPORT KRIBENSIS WILD YELLOW Pelvicachromis pulcher IMPORT KRIBENSIS - SCARLET Pelvicachromis sacrimontis KRIBENSIS STRIPED - DEHANE Pelvicachromis taeniatus
  7. Canberra Alex

    raising brine shrimp

    It is best to feed the shrimp to your fish soon after they hatch as this is when they are their most nutritious
  8. Canberra Alex

    Anton Lamboj Sydney Tour

    Big thankyou to Andrew and Anton for yesterdays shin dig Great night great talks and great people, it was good to meet some of you forum lurkers too
  9. Canberra Alex

    major auction

    some thing different like cupidos maybe some old faves like brachys - anything really always looking at adding good fish to my colonies
  10. Canberra Alex

    major auction

    Im not bringing much but am looking for geos and some small americans
  11. Canberra Alex

    frozen fresh fish food

    i have a similar recipe with whole white bait paprika and a small amount of garlic
  12. Canberra Alex

    Culturing natural algae for fry?

    I use the algae from the underside of my tank centre brace its flat and nice and green and the BN and Ls smash it every time
  13. Canberra Alex

    Our African cichlid aquaponics aquarium video HD

    Looks Good Liko, is it safe to eat the berrys if you add water conditioners like prime etc??
  14. Canberra Alex

    Pallet racking

    you could over hang some structural ply over under the tanks it should hold the tank's overhang
  15. Canberra Alex

    3 concrete block walls and glass front stand

    Neil im finding it hard to follow do you have a pic you can post ?