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  1. Thanks for that very much appreciated , I'll get the driver to take as out mid week , Cheers Omar
  2. Hi I'm in Malaysia at the moment n would love to go check it out , staying at sunway logoon till Saturday , then going to the prince in KL till Friday , is it in KL or a different state im also of to lankawi after that', Thanks Omar
  3. hilal

    fish name

    Thanks craige very much appreciated
  4. hi i boughtt a tank that come with some fish and just would like to know the names of the orange and the yeloow/gold and blue zebra fish in the pictures if possible thanks omar
  5. City garden and aquarium at 36 davidson St greenacre has them for $12kg has some very good looking pieces with a heap of holes he had a whole pallet full when I was they're last sunday
  6. Thanks Peter , smallest in 13cm and largest 16cm, I was very suprised at how well they settled in, they eat like pigs and go for anything and everything.I'm keeping the 4x2x2 for some of yout Blue Zaire Mikula fry Cheers omar
  7. hi just would like to thank grant for my new colony of 2 males 5 females Cyphotilapia frontosa blue Mpimbwe theyrve settled in very well.sorry the pics are bad as theyre from my iphone and the light was on so they look pretty washed out.once my mate comes by with his camera ill get better pics.theyre currently in a 4x2x2 just till me 6x2.5wx2h arrives on friday. thanks for looking
  8. Every time I try write faunty spell checker changes it to faulty , I didn't think they'll be that good at that price in a Sydney aquarium shop
  9. Hi I was at an aquarium shop and they had the xing xing faunty canister filter for Sale , they had them on special for $80 , the pump filter at 1100 Lph . Just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with them. Im not thinking about purchasing one but cant find any info on them over the Internet
  10. hilal

    tank builders

    hi i recently purchased a house and in the middle of renovating it and want to get a custom tank built into the wall.i used to get craig (parramatta aquarium) to make my tanks but have missed place his number and i dont know if he is still in the trade. just would like to know if anyone on the forum builds or knows of anyone that builds tanks dont want to go through my lfs as they are to expensive.its going to be big so i want someone good. cheers
  11. hilal

    fish tank repairer

    thanks for the reply guy ill get him to do that then. cheers omar
  12. hi my friend was moving his 4x18x20 tank and 1 of the side glass cracked.just would like to know if anyone knows anyone that will repair it as he has a universal background and it will be to big of a job to pull it out and put it in a new tank. cheers omar
  13. thanks for all the replies i ended up going 12mm base and 10mm sides,now i just need to make up my mind to what i should put in it thanks omar
  14. hi im getting a 100cm by 75cm wide by 55cm high tank custom made and just would like to know if 10mm glass will hold in the long run or am i better of going 12mm glass. cheers omar
  15. thanks for the reply bruce , the tank is a 50cm cube with about 25 shells and 2 x 4cm bristlenoses.ill se how they go if i dont see any new multie fry in the tank in the next month or so ill take bristlkenoses out. cheers omar
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