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  1. White Calvus Breeding

    Hi, they will hatch in 4-5 days, i always take the fry out and grow them in the fry saver, feed them with micro worm in the first week than baby brine shrimp after. successful rate alot higher, hope it helped. Cheer Phong
  2. Filtration setup

    Hi, I run the FX5 and Eheim 2217, not really a good result, FX5's let me down, i have to clean the FX5 every 6-8 months to get it's maximum flow rate, i replaced the FX5 with Eheim 2260 (big old canester, paid $250), and it's worked beautiful for my tank. But i am always want to make a weir and sump if i have a chance (empty the tank), again this is my idea and depends what's in the tank. my 6x2x2 can handle over thousand BN with that filtratiion. Cheers Phong
  3. resun ht 200

    Hi, I've got one from Monaco Aquarium in Sydney while ago, i am not sure they still have them in stock, give them a call and work thing out, their number (02) 97541494, Cheers Phong
  4. PAINT

    Hi Elliott I painted the back and the bottom of my tank with spray can at Bunning, the more you spray the better they look. Cheers Phong
  5. Hi, my 6x2x2 with more than 50 breeding Electric Yellows been there over a year, they're all hiding in three big pots, i've introduced another 30 Electric Blue, all around 8-9cm, they live fine together and all the yellow come out, but the only problem is that the Electric Blue never hold and they've been in there over three months (maybe the Elec Blue male is a bit smaller than the Elec Yellow male) Hope its help, Cheers Phong
  6. Is this ok or should I remove some. Hi Mark, better leave them as a colony, it's better if you keep 2m and 5f, you need a bigger tank if you want to keep more male in the colony (my Calvus colony, 5m and 12f and they're in 5x2x2) they can breed as a pair, a trio and even 1 boy with 3 girs, it works for me before especially when they grew up together. good luck with your breeding. Cheers Phong PS. they're not pair off for life 1m breed with multiple females at the same time, i don't know, have not seen it before but can happen in the next day and it's ok, i mean successful rate.

    Hi, it's happened to me all the time, if the fry can move a bit from one side to the other than they should be fine, if they are not strong enough to move themself than you are better to pick them up with a tea spoon, your fish should be ok (as you said), just leave them in there. Hope that helps.
  8. Altolamprologus sexing

    Female tube is a lot thicker and easier to see than male, male tube (or what ever you call) is just like a small needle's end, when you see the female tube comes out longer, means she is not far away from breeding. Hope it helps
  9. Angels Breeding

    Hi Would not be disappointed if you seperate them out and with some plants would be better. Friend of mine breed them in a bucket. Cheers Phong.
  10. tanganikan 30degrees ok?

    Hi, may not be whitespot, Tetra's prefer soft water and your PH could be a bit high for them, it may burn their skin if been injured before, high temperature may be even worse, add some driftwood with anubias, might solve the problem or any other plant should work as well. (im worried about your catfish, with the high PH and temperature) Cheers, Phong
  11. when to separate comp eggs

    Hi, The Comp.or Calvus fry can not survive 100% with the crush food, you need micro worm or baby brine shrimp. i've got some spare micro worm if you want them. Cheers Phong