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  1. Cichlabxr

    Reactive ion OH, how is it formed?

    Thanks for the replies. Might be time for a to try a adding a refugium.
  2. Cichlabxr

    Reactive ion OH, how is it formed?

    Just read a somewhat confusing article about the use of OH in filtration of aquarium water. Had never come across this before so. yep, googled it and found this. The •OH radical is linked with the production of H2O in molecular clouds. Studies of •OH distribution in Taurus Molecular Cloud-1 (TMC-1)[23] suggest that in dense gas, •OH is mainly formed by dissociative recombination of H3O+. Dissociative recombination is the reaction in which a molecular ion recombines with an electron and dissociates into neutral fragments . I cannot for the life of me work out how this is produced in water.
  3. Cichlabxr

    updated model for imported fish PIAA

    There are way too many hybrids out and about for my liking. The other point is there seem to be less shops that have the knowledge. One reasonably close to me does have one guy who is knowledgable about cichlids and they label the hybrids as such. Unfortunately the prices they charge are expensive, well too exxy for me. Obviously time to get back into the cichlid society knowledge circles.
  4. Cichlabxr

    updated model for imported fish PIAA

    Ok we are 8-9 months down the track. What differences if any, have people noticed?
  5. Cichlabxr

    NSWCS October Major Auction

    Firemouths?? Phew, glad I missed them. Yes I came home and checked out my afra. He still looks awesome but have to agree they were terrific looking fish. Had a great time met some old friends made some new ones. Okay I left slightly early but the wife was happy. So all in all a great night.
  6. Cichlabxr

    Labidochromis Nkali

    Good luck with your search to find a species to put with those. Oh for a house big enough for a few species only tanks.
  7. Cichlabxr

    NSWCS Major Auction

    Glad to hear you are still breeding them aussie. Last ones I got from you were in 2007. Unfortunately had to let them go a couple of years ago when I was ill.Unfortunately the guy I sold them to has disappeared from the scene. Have sent you a pm .. time to get some more I think. Trip to Melbourne Chris?
  8. Cichlabxr

    NSWCS Major Auction

    Is anyone bringing Aulonocara. They seem to be a bit scarce of late. Which reminds me is "Mr Peacock" coming up from Melbourne?
  9. Cichlabxr

    WC fish with papers?

    You end up with the problems they have in the Dog Breeding world. Plus as ducksta said before .what links thepaper to the fish. Nothing except the persons word.
  10. Cichlabxr

    Protomelas sp.steveni "Taiwan Reef"

    Hi Lithoman, Mouthfuls of burtoni.. yep they are like rabbits. just as you said. Also one of the lithobates is looking exceptional..very happy with ALL my fish thanks . They are all extremely healthy.
  11. Cichlabxr

    Protomelas sp.steveni "Taiwan Reef"

    Thanks for the replies. Have noticed the red in the anal fin on three of them and slight blue on the face of one.
  12. Hi , In my 6x2 I have C.afras , Pseudo mpanga, Yellows, burtoni,lithobates,acei and the taiwan reef. They were all bought at about 3-4cms in January. The lithobates and taiwan reef have been the slowest to colour up ..I now have a dominant lithobate showing good colour but the taiwan reef..nothing. I have heard that in a community tank where you have more than one male in the Protomelas they can take a while to show colour. Apart from removing them and venting them are there other ways to tell how many males I have. ie early colouration on finnage etc or size . Should I seperate them? Wondering if I have any males at all. Any advice would be appreciated .
  13. Cichlabxr

    First impressions of New Era fish food.

    Has anyone tried the Grazing Log?
  14. Cichlabxr

    Help with new sump setup

    Hi James, One word of warning you can go too high with the pump turnover rate. The size of your bulkhead is important. I tried using a Sicce Multi 5800 on my 6x2x2 but I didn't have a large enough bulkhead hence it would drain my sump and the return into my tank had to have two outlets to reduce the flow .
  15. Cichlabxr

    Time to replace My sump pump. Which one?

    Has anyone used the Sicce syncra range? Very low wattage and supposedly very quiet. http://www.sicce.com...ilent_endlr.pdf