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  1. Thanks Ian! I have just been messaging back and forth with Anton and all is well in hand. Thanks so much For The feedback and heads up!
  2. ATTENTION ALL CICHLID LOVERS! Labyrinth Aquarium has a special event coming up for you! We have been given the rare privilege of hosting a world-renowned expert on the family Cichlidae - Anton Lamboj. Details: Wednesday, 9th March, 7pm. Labyrinth Aquarium 16 Ninth Avenue, CAMPSIE Anton hails from Vienna and is the recognised authority on the Cichlids of West Africa. Many of us enjoy the very species he studies as mainstays in our hobby. Genera include Hemichromis (Jewel Cichlids), Steatocranus (Lionhead Cichlids), Pelvicachromis (Kribensis) and many more. He is a dynamic speaker, and will wow the crowd with his impressive wealth of knowledge. Anton's book, "The Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa" is a masterpiece. It will be available for purchase on the day, and Anton will be most happy to Autograph it for you. All guests will be given samples of Dainichi foods and free Marine Pure cubes!!! Anton will give two presentations. We will hear from him in a 60 seat lecture room - immediately next door to Labyrinth Aquarium! Between the presentations, guests will enjoy a buffet dinner at Labyrinth Aquarium. And... To tickle the tastebuds even better, there will be foods from all over the world, with traditional West African cuisine as one of the options - delightful flavours which must be tasted to be believed! After the second presentation, we will come back to Labyrinth Aquarium for guests to share in the awesome prize pool we have amassed for you - through the generous help of our sponsors, Aqua Premium and Kong's Australia. Prizes up for grabs include: 1 x Aqua-El 30W UV Steriliser 1 x 300W Aqua-El Gold Heater 2 x Aqua-El Reef Circulator 10,000 2 x 250g Dainichi Foods 1 x Aqua One Nautilus 800 Canister Filter 1 x 300W ThermoSafe Heater 1 x Stellar 380D Air Pump 1 x $100 voucher for Labyrinth Aquarium And more!!!! Registration for the event is $50.00 and may be paid in store prior to the event, or over the phone on 02 8068 4853. PLEASE NOTE: Current financial members of the New South Wales Cichlid Society, including the Illawarra Branch have a 50% registration fee subsidy available to them, funded by the Sydney branch. We're looking forward to seeing you there!
  3. Hi Andrew ,  I see on one of the facebook sites Kathy Humbug acquired some mdoka females . I am always looking out for females to add to my colony .  Cheers Mark 

  4. Hi Everyone, UCB told me about the thread and I thought I'd jump in and see if I could help... The picture of the fish from KA is C. chrysonotus. The clear giveaway is the configuration of the spots on the side of the fish. In C. trewavasae, there are three dark spots concentrated in a line close to the middle of the flanks. In C. chrysonotus, the configuration is one dark - one feint - one dark, and they are situated higher up the flank than on C. trewavasae. It is no one's particular fault in Australia, but we do not have C. trewavasae here, to my knowledge, and we possibly never will. There have been three historic offerings of fish labeled as C. trewavasae, and each time, the fish have been diagnosed as C. chrysonotus. It would thus seem that the overseas exporters these fish came from had sent us the wrong fish - and that's not the only example of that happening. I had a large colony at the shop, which were purportedly C. trewavasae, however, I was prompted to look further into it when I saw them spawning in the open water column. It is a widely documented fact that C. chrysonotus is the only fish in Lake Malawi to breed this way. All other mouthbrooders from the lake, including all the other "true Utaka" will spawn on a surface before the female collects the eggs. Hope this helps, Andrew.
  5. Lol. Not hobbling now mate! Glad to hear you like it, flycaster! I'm usually in there once every fortnight, catching females and harvesting fry. Currently raising around 500 fry of various species.
  6. Cheers, Josh! If anyone wants a really great example of a species profile, one of my favourite sites is www.seriouslyfish.com - but remember, use it only as a guide.
  7. Hi Everyone, Ged and I have come up with an idea for a new competition. We really wanted it to be constructive and educational - and fun - so here it is: ACE Forums and Labyrinth Aquarium Species Article Comp... We'd like as many people as possible to get involved - so whether you think you're a brilliant author or not - we want submissions! From now, until September 7th, we will accept articles about your favourite cichlid species. It does not matter which species it is - all you have to do is write about it and tell us everything you think we want to know about it. We will be looking particularly for the following points: * Correct, current scientific name. * Synonyms. * Geographical distribution. * Maximum size. * Conspecific and heterospecific temperament. * Housing requirements. * Water parameters. * Recommended husbandry. * Additional notes, including your own experiences. Who is this open to? This is available to every single member of ACE Forums, except me, Admins and members overseas (simply because of the nature of the prizes). What are the prizes? 1st Prize: $150.00 Labyrinth Aquarium Voucher 2nd Prize:$100.00 Labyrinth Aquarium Voucher 3rd Prize: $50.00 Labyrinth Aquarium Voucher And don't worry if you are interstate, because we can always ship! How will the winners be decided? The winners will be decided in collaboration with the Mod and Admin Team and myself. Winning submissions will be featured on ACE Forums and on the Labyrinth Aquarium FB page. Send your submissions to: labyrinthaquarium@gmail.com They will then be forwarded to all members of the Mod and Admin Team for review. Entries close strictly at 23:59 on 7th August, 2014. The winners will be announced shortly after!! We are really looking forward to everything YOU want to tell us about YOUR fish! Andrew.
  8. Hi all, sorry for the late reply! The tank is sump filtered with Marine Pure and a 15,000L/H pump. It is pre-filtered by two standpipes covered in ultrafine filter wool. I wanted to stick a link here to a YouTube video posted by the incomparable Ronnym88, but my computer isn't playing ball...lol You can put the search words "Labyrinth Malawi Tank" into Google and the result will come up. Cheers, Andrew.
  9. Totally Chris. You can put adult Rhamphos in with small fry and so long as they're below, they're safe!
  10. Wow - Thanks Kristi! It was wonderful to meet you this morning! Deb and I enjoyed your visit and we're stoked that you came such a long way to see the place. Come back any time!!! Andrew.
  11. Hey Chris, The Rhamphos are cruising the top. They actually hunt upwards only, not downwards, which is why everything except Malawi "Usipa" are safe from them. They're actually the single most peaceful cichlid I have ever known. Spot on Rob. It's been really very interesting watching this tank evolve - and I do believe the dimensions are a huge part of it.
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