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  1. Hi Nazim, i would before you suffer the same loss. It was a lesson hard learnt by me and this is just to remind people to place their lids back after they have finished tending to their tank or (tanks in most of our cases). Regards George and Kim
  2. Hi all, It just is a reminder as it is always your best fish that you seem to lose..
  3. Hi all, This is just a reminder to never rush what you are doing when it comes to your tanks as I have just learnt this the hard way today. I was trying to help a mate out yesterday and in my haste to get going i left one of the lids to my frontosa tank off and when I went out to my tanks this morning I found my alpha male on the floor and long gone. So all please remember to place your lids back as I will make sure I will be doing in future. I bought him over 12 months ago and he was about 23cm and will be very hard to replace at the moment. So don't forget your tank lids PLEASE!!!. Regards George and Kim
  4. Hi, You could try blue or gold rams I havw some with my angels and they very colourful and they dont get too big. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I have looked into the tandanus catfish and have been told it is not a cold water cat but I am still interested in finding out some more info in these. Thanks for any help much appreciated Regards George and Kim
  6. Thank you i will look around Cheers
  7. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows a type of cold water catfish that my sister can buy for her tank,that will go with goldfish.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Hi, I have used eggs that are a couple of years old and they still hatch you just don't get the same hatch rate( well at least I don't). Cheers Regards George and Kim
  9. Hi, If you have a fry saver use that to move all the fry out of the cave. I have my cave in my cichlid tank and as soon as I see the wrigglers I remove them from the cave and put them in my fry saver. They will be fine if you do that. Cheers Regards George and Kim
  10. Cool pics and thanks for sharing. I also want to get some multi's in the new year. Regards George and Kim
  11. Hi, I have some glass drills that I bought off ebay work a treat. I could possibly lend you. I have 20mm, 25mm, and 35mm let me know if they are the sizes that you need. Cheers Regards George and Kim
  12. Hi, If you would like all your fry to survive is to milk her at about the 3 week mark. They will all be free swimming fry at that stage and the only other option would be to let her spit the fry out herself. She will spit the fry out at about the 4 week mark and will still take them in her mouth till they will no longer fit. If you decide to milk her I would suggest you look into buying or making a good fry saver. Cheers Regards George and Kim
  13. Hi all, I use sera foods. I use the sera flora but I mainly feed it to my tropheus. I also use nls and frozen foods for my cichlids such as bloodworm, cichlid dinner and brine shrimp when its available. Cheers Regards George and Kim
  14. Hi All, I have four peps that are of breeding size and would be greatful for any info as to what I need to do to get them breeding. I have them in the same sort of conditions as my albino's and my albino's are breeding like nothing else and I only have a pair. My peps are about 7-9cm in length and I have one male(9cm) and two females around the 7-8cm mark so any info would be greatly appreciated. Regards George and Kim
  15. Hi All, Recently both my marbled peacock females bred and were both holding fine for over a week each. Then they spat the eggs and both my females died within a few days of spitting their eggs. Both females have carried to term before and I have some fry left over from one of the last spawns. I have had the male for over 12 months and he does not seem to hassle the females(got none for him to hassle at the moment). Both females did not show any physical signs and the other fish in the tank are all doing fine. I have checked all my water parameters and they are all fine. Both females were over the 10cm mark and my male is about 13cm. any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regard George and Kim
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