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  1. nw1411

    Sex N.Venustus?

    Some guys get all the luck !
  2. nw1411

    Sex N.Venustus?

    Thanks guys. Just have to get him a girlfriend now ! Nathan
  3. nw1411

    Sex N.Venustus?

    Hi Guys, Can anyone sex this N.Venustus? About 12cm. Its face goes quite blue at times. Its body also goes quite dark. Cheers Nath
  4. nw1411

    Fitting latex backgrounds

    Hi guys, Does everyone here that uses a latex background, fit them watertight with silicon? Is this the standard practice? cheers Nath
  5. nw1411

    LPH for canister filter ?

    Can anyone shed any light on what LPH a canister filter should be running for a 36x14x20 (165L) ? Cheers Nath
  6. G'day guys, Can anyone suggest a place (in the Sydney region) to buy a new display setup(tank/stand/hood). I know the classifieds on here have always got tanks/stands for sale, but I want to get a brand spanker for my new house. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Nath
  7. nw1411

    Did Everyone Enjoy

    It was my First meeting, and I became new member on the night. Had a good time, enjoyed the talks, almost got some good buys.....almost. (always pipped at the post!) Won a raffle prize........at about the 30th draw. I mainly just sat back and tried to put faces to all the names I read on here every day. Will definitely be back in July! Cheers Nathan
  8. nw1411

    pH Drop !

    Can I get Coral Sand etc from a LFS? Tank= 48x18x18 How much coral sand / Shell Grit is required? Thanks Nath
  9. nw1411

    pH Drop !

    G'day Guys, This morning I noticed that the pH in one of my tanks had dropped quite a bit overnight. Nothing had been done to cause this. Question. What do you guys use to keep pH up? I know there are various buffers and your 'pH up' powders. What is the best way that you have found? Cheers Nath
  10. nw1411

    First fry for me.

    M. Estherae is the correct guess.
  11. nw1411

    First fry for me.

    G'day Guys, First time posting pics. Here are some of my first ever fry. It's pretty easy but does anyone want to guess what they are? Cheers Nath
  12. nw1411

    When are FRY no longer FRY ?

    G'day Guys, I currently have a dozen M.Estherae fry (1-2cm). I own a 4x2x2 and a 2ft grow out tank (which the fry are currently in). Question...... At what stage do I need to look at moving the fry from the 2 footer, and can they all go in the 4 footer together (with the rest of the community)? If they can't go into the display tank, then do LFS's take them? Cheers Nath 3 x M.Estherae 3 x Rusty 3 x E. Yellow 1 x P. Saulosi 1 x N. Venustus 1 x Cobalt Blue
  13. Hi guys, I have about a dozen M.Estherae fry in a grow out tank. Water check last night and the Nitrites were quite high (levels are normally good). I did an immediate water change....How often can I keep doing them (daily?) The fry are about 1.2-2cm and seem fine at the moment. Cheers Nath
  14. nw1411

    Fry Care

    Hey guys, I have recently moved my M.Estherae fry (my first ever fry!) from a fry net in my main tank to a little 2 footer to themselves. I have a little eheim 2206 (I think) aquaball running. This filter provides some turbulence but the little guys seem to cope with it. Is there any chance that the filter intake or turbulence will cause harm. They are currently 1-1.5cm Cheers Nath
  15. Hi Guys, Are there any dramas / implications with using rocks collected from the beach? What are the steps to be taken to ensure a safe introduction into the tank? Thanks Nath