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  1. parkesg

    Shipping with Virgin/Toll

    Hi - I ended up shipping with Virgin and had no issues, followed the advise and went very smoothly. Thanks for the help.
  2. parkesg

    Shipping with Virgin/Toll

    Thanks for all the replies. Ill make sure i pack properly..
  3. parkesg

    Shipping with Virgin/Toll

    HI, I need to use Virgin freight out of Sydney and am wondering if they are still super particular about packing requirements. Particularly around having approved fish boxes with stamp top and bottom. Anyone used these guys recently? Thanks
  4. parkesg

    foai mibita yellow chin

    wow, great fish and pic
  5. parkesg

    updated model for imported fish PIAA

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years. Ducksta make a good point with the imports. There have been a lot of imports coming in over the space of 3-4 years, with all the major states covered. I think this has crowded out the breeders side of it as people perceive the German stock as superior, and have spent their limited dollars on imports. People are always going to want new and different fish to keep and going forward it would seem the only place to get this would be from breeders. Tropheus for example, the demand for wilds has always been huge, which mean people like tropheus. If the changes to import laws mean we cannot get the wilds, people will have no choice but to buy tankraised, and will go to the breeders with the highest quality stock (or cheapest price)..So Buccal, it would be a real shame for a breeder with your experience and stock list to give it up.
  6. parkesg

    updated model for imported fish PIAA

    Hi, In terms of Germany conforming to the new requirements, as far as I know they are not. I spoke to DAFF and they had corresponded with German authorities a number of times. As of yet there has not been a formal response from German government. Formal response is not required to conform, but at least it signals they intend to. I'll speak again to cichidstadl and ask if they can meet the new health cert. requirements. What I can say for now though, is look after what we have here as well as you can! There are a lot of nice fish in the country, in a lot of fishrooms. Would be a shame to see these disappearing in 5-10 years. Cheers
  7. parkesg

    Fish room vid

    Very nice Mark, that male Boadzulu is a cracker, he knows he's the man!
  8. parkesg

    Tropheus Ikola Colony - Thanks Jim.

    awesome rockwork and great looking fish. That'll be an amazing sight when adult size.
  9. parkesg

    Conjoined Frontosa

    I have had this in paracyps before. Seemed to be two eggs fussed together, both fry grew. They were eaten once into a fry tank.
  10. parkesg

    calvus eggs

    HI, Just leave her for at least a 7-9 days, after which they will have heads and tails. The female will fan the eggs and keep them well. There is a small risk they may be eaten but thats part of fish breeding. After this, either remove them from the shell or put the entire shell in a fry tank and start feeding newly hatched brine shrimp. Cheers
  11. parkesg

    last mbuna import

    My understanding is you need to apply to get a fish added to the allowable import list. It is a lenghtly, drawn out process and can be expensive. Therefore the fish that is added need to be commercially viable, think tropical fish that cost a few cents from overseas wholesalers..mbuna are never really going to be a fish every petshop or fishshop will stock, so not really in anyones interest to get them added..
  12. Hi, I know this was discussed before..But I am getting a lot of requests for certificates confirming my imported fish are wild, and quite frankly it is frustrating.. my response is always the same: Certificates are meaningless if issued by the importer. I could buy tank raised and give you a cert saying they are wild, I printed from my inkjet.. Certs only mean something if the african collectors issue them, and then they are tracked all the way from the lake to Australia. As far as I know no certs in Australia are issued by the collectors themselves? I can send you an email confirming I've purchased from supplier as wild fish. I think this is a reasonable response. It appears this marketing move has served others well in the past, but it needs to be made clear it doesn't guarantee they are wild. I know by me not offering Cert's I am losing sales, but this is my position. It comes down to the buyer trusting the importer and the importer trusting their supplier.. Cheers Grant
  13. parkesg

    Fish Fight!

    Beautiful fish and great pics, good to see.
  14. parkesg

    Gnathochromis permaxillaris

    Hi, I have one abt 10cm. PM if interested. Cheers grant
  15. parkesg

    New Frontosa coming home

    You should get yourself Seachem stability, and follow directions. The stuff is incredible. I have used it on a brand new tank, filter, with fish and had no issue.