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  1. I would not say impossible, I mean people run marine tanks with very temperamental SPS corals and synthetic salt is used to mix.
  2. Facebook is terrible for information and searching, I learnt a lot over the years from this Forum. Facebook is better for pictures though. Let's hope this hobby keeps going strong. I did go marine for some time but I just sold my tank, I like marine but marine fish are very unethical in my opinion. Marine also stinks your house out and are a lot of work, Reef2eeef is ok forum but also very elitist. It was a great tank but I'm happy it's gone! Has anyone seen or heard from Buccal?
  3. Facebook is too angry for me, I really do not understand how people act on there, I know a group is only as good as its members but geez the posturing, belittling, pushing personal points or agendas is just too much. I suppose people like it because that is what some watch on tv, reality tv and the fake fights etc, they love drama. For me though, watching people argue over pointless points or similar is not my thing, way better things to do with my time. I do know it is common for forum people to complain about social media and Facebook, and yes I know it is quite snobby but for me, the reality is for the most part, it is true. The minority ruin it for the majority though, that is certain and to be honest Forums are no better, this one, although quiet now is the exception. I left QLDAF many years ago because of a few idiots over there. The difference though, is people have their faces, their names, their lives on Facebook and yet they still carry on, they do not care. Can someone explain to me what "dead silent" means, I read this about pumps I know and own which make noise yet facebook labels them "dead silent". I suppose if you are dead, you wont hear it but for the living what does this mean.
  4. Eheim back in the day were brilliant, I have owned several of them, much better then the Fluval of the same era in my opinion (I owned Fluval as well). Today though, Fluval are much improved and are probably of equal quality and ease of use to Eheim. I am like you Slips, have had a number of cheap canisters but found them poor quality and prone to failures, there are gems in the cheap crowd but knowing which are good is the problem.
  5. Thats how it starts VIS, nekminut 8 footer again.
  6. I have kept Plecos with my Cichilds for many years, they generally do well in a cichlid tank but are more difficult to feed properly.
  7. Hey @Link2Hell, no problems on my side of the city, on the other side though it is quite devastating. Thank you for your thoughts. Sam.
  8. My thoughts as well, I stopped using NLS years ago with the same issues you have. Dainichi and Northfin are good foods.
  9. I have not had Marbles for a long long time, but I do remember having a few physo ones.
  10. Do they, yeah they did, came home to a floating Electra... he had the crap beaten out of him.
  11. Oh, I would not worry to much, he is just defending his turf, I would leave it as it is. My Taiwan reef is called Bigred, he rules my tank, but is a pacifier too, the only fish that fight aggressively are my Placidichromis Electra, two fought to the death and every so often the other two lip lock and duke it out.
  12. Is the chasing excessive or does the Benga just chase the Taiwan out of his territory, any lip locking or fin nipping?
  13. There is nothing wrong with NLS, it provides size and colour the caveat being excess filter sludge and waste and therefore extra maintenance, in my opinion there are options which provide the same colour and size without the blocking up your filters with excess waste sludge.
  14. There are other options apart from NLS, in fact many of us have moved away from NLS, your filters will thank you. In my personal experience, Dainichi, Extreme and Northfin are all good foods without the negative filter effects of NLS.
  15. I would not say an Eheim compact vibrates the house down, I would not even say my or the Eheim 5000 is loud. However the larger Eheim's do emit a low frequency hum which will pass through gyrock/dry walls and at 2am this low frequency noise is annoying and will keep many people awake. I use my Eheim as a water change pump now and upgraded to a Dragon variable pump, expensive but at 2am I only hear the noise of trickling water. Another positive factor for a DC pump is the Eheim would use 75-80ish watts, but I run the Dragon at 40ish watts, obvious savings there over the Eheim but at the Dragon price point 40watts is a very long payback time.
  16. I would say the newer Fluvals are as good as an Eheim or Fluval have bridged the gap, Eheim was once leagues above but the latest Fluval filters are very good.
  17. I tried startright but it does not dissolve very well, have you tried continuum’s products for rift lakes?
  18. Bean animal is what I use but even they make some noise, my noise tolerance is extremely high but not everyone has a high tolerance. One place noise comes from is water trickling into the weir, the higher the level the lower the noise, canisters do not have this problem. My vote is for sump filtration and if used in conjunction with a bean animal or full siphon setup noise is very manageable. My 7x2x2 is right outside my bedroom next to the door entrance, noise is not a problem for me.
  19. A sump is more versatile in a setup this size, but eliminating noise completely can never really be achieved. Noise is fine for almost all people during the day, but if your setup is close to a bedroom or separated by a gyprock wall, then the use of an AC pump can be a problem. The low frequency hum of a larger AC pump motor will travel straight through a gyprock wall, this problem can be solved by the use of a DC pump but they cost a little, to a lot more. Sump designs can be very simple, which is the type I prefer as a simple design can help with maintenance, complex setups are not really needed and just add to maintenance headaches. The pros of a sump are:- Increased water volume Increased filter capacity Increased filtration medium diversity Ease of visual inspection maintenance Ease of filter maintenance The negatives of a sump are:- Increased noise Require a weir or holes to be drilled in the tank I have only used Fluval and Eheim canisters, the Eheim was easily the best when I used them (in my opinion) but this was in the days of before “chinese junk” flooded the market. In the good old days Eheim were a brilliant filter with Fluval a close second, purely my opinion after using both. Fast forward 12yrs and I cannot really help much with canister choice, in recent years I did own a Fluval 404 and it did a great job in my 4’ x 2’ x 18”. Canisters still suffer the same problems and that is reduced filter capacity, expense and virtually no visual inspection, they also slow down as they fill with detritus and mulm. Canisters can be removed and cleaned easily, you can install two canisters and have a redundant setup. They are also much quieter, do not need a weir or holes drilled, and are a good choice for a filtration unit. Be thankful modern canisters are self priming, have easy to use auto valves and have filter baskets, this was not always the case :-).
  20. Too fragile to warrant use in a sump, to each their own, I would use it in a canister though and only where space is at a premium. My marine pure was used in canister filters and when cleaning damage would easily occur or I found marine pure dust in places inside the filter where the marine pure was rubbing against each other. The filter blocks I use in my sumps and they support better denitrification over the filter spheres, although I do not see much, if any, nitrate reduction in my setups.
  21. Marine pure is good but very fragile, very soft, any rubbing and it will turn to dust. I would not put anything but Marine pure blocks in a sump.
  22. How much water did you change? At what point did you add the dechlorinator, i.e. bucket or tank?
  23. I don't think pellet size is going to help, waste is waste and fish living in waste is counter intuitive, all for a supposed healthier food. I also will say in my opinion healthier fish on NLS is debatable, Dainichi and Extreme are not exactly cheap, give the same results colour wise but are much easier on your filter and maintenance. Each to their own but after 3 years of feeding NLS and some debate with Buccal, I bit the bullet and had to say the kid was right, my fish look just as healthy and colourful. :-)
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