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  1. Pulling the trigger on a 8x2x2.5h shortly which i was going to dedicate to malawi predators or petrochromis. But my wife mention suggested Geos. I have never kept SAs before so it would be good to do something different. I was wondering if anyone still has breeding colonies and what species are available in OZ?
  2. Go have a look at Aquaillumination new freshwater primes. They are amazing. For such a small unit they give off a huge amount of light. 2 would be perfect for a 5x2 Checkout 'king of DIY' channel on youtube. He is using them throughout his new fish gallery. http://www.aquaillumination.com/lighting/prime/freshwater.html
  3. If you want any change to breed them, they need to be by themselves if they aren't already.
  4. I have seem some amazing ones and then others that have cleary been cross with something albino. The issue is you cant really tell until the males are quite big and displaying. Definitely worth the time investment though.
  5. Fantastic looking tank as usual. That Taiwan reef is beautiful! I am planning something very similar after i get back from europe in september. How are you liking the 2.5 high? Any added difficulty when working on the tank? Im considering 6x2.5x2.5 fossorochromis species tank or marine tank.
  6. i have attached a few photos of these fish. The dominant male could almost pass as a real moorii. The others though look very much like peacocks. The females do not have any resemblance to a moorii what so ever. I have no intention of breeding them. i am unsure what the future holds for them. i may keep one for a display tank im doing early next year. But the rest, i am not to sure. it is disappointing that importers are advertising these as pure strain fish when clearly they would know they are not and the retailers are still flogging these off are pure fish. If they were in an "assorted cichlid" tank at the lfs, fair enough. i think the hobby, in terms of retail stores, has come past the point of no return in regards to profiting from hybrids, but to be knowingly passing these off as pure is unethical IMO. anyways you win some, you loose some. my quest to find pure albino haps continues. i apologise for my pathetic attempt of photographing these. A white fish on a white background with white foam under a bare bottom tank presented a few over exposure issues and i didnt have the time to fiddle with settings so i just shot these in auto.
  7. I agree not pure. i had the camera out last night getting some photos. ill post them up tonight hopefully.
  8. I found them to be terrible breeders. As you say, the males are so damn lazy they wont even chase the females to initiate breeding. They had to come to him. Beautiful colony. What size tank is that? Would he be about to be about 4 years old?
  9. Dont apologise, its a very interesting topic. I have also struggled with yellows that suffered from wasting. No matter what diets and meds I tried, there was no way of saving some of them.
  10. That's them Chris. Once i get my 8x2 going i was to get a few of these polys to put in with the moorii. i have also seen albino red empress starting to get around. does anyone know the history of those? did they occur naturally here? i am going to persist with these guys and see what they turn out like as adults. if im not 100% convinced they are pure they will stay as display fish.
  11. they are awesome fish. Kept a few a while back and loved them. watching them feed is so entertaining.
  12. Apparently they were imported by someone from north queensland and they have bred big numbers of them and are starting putting them through the wholesalers. i got these guys through a LFS. i dare say they would be the same bloodline as the ones Andrew had in his shop. i have also heard that there is albino nimbochromis polystigma becoming available shortly.
  13. They definitely look like juvenile Moorii. they are still very young and wont develop for hump and flatter face for sometime yet
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