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  1. DanL

    DIY Coconut Cave

    I have had many questions about that... I have never had any affects on my water parameters using coconuts, as long as you boil them good like I mentioned in the article that seems to get out all of the tanins. the tanins is what will lower you ph.
  2. DanL

    DIY Coconut Cave

    I have noticed many posts about DIY caves on message forums on the net so I decided to put my article together for making a coconut cave. DIY Coconut Cave
  3. thank you for the great comments everyone
  4. Male L. Boulengeri... all from the same shot but with different cropping...
  5. I can just imagine what the fish will look like when it gets bigger. a high flat body with two heads... to bad they grow so darn slow, I cant wait to see...
  6. thanx.. I have posted this on several other boards and it seems to be the one that everyone recommends...
  7. Lake Tanganyika Cichlids Book I am looking to buy a book about Lake Tanganyika Cichlids. In your opinion, what is best book to get that has the most up to date and most complete information? Please list Book name and author. Thank You
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