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  1. Yeah I agree, I dont think I've had a fish come back from that before, unfortunately. Is it still eating? If so, I'd probably keep him going (My thinking is that he cant be in too much distress if he is still eating - though I'm no expert)
  2. Joel


    Hi guys, Been a while since I have posted. I got an opportune photograph this afternoon of one of my L200a Green Phantom Plecos (and one not so great) so thought I'd post them both. At the moment, I have both L134 and the L200a. The L200a seem alot more comfortable in moving about during the day. Cheers Joel
  3. Nice! I love the colours in dwarf South Americans Hope they pair up for you. Cheers
  4. Wow, Looks great! Plus one for putting heater in sump - spoils the great work you've done in a way. I would fill the tank almost to the top too. Just make sure to cover any holes/gaps so fish cant jump out... The big school of leptos will look awesome. Cheers
  5. Hi guys, I have noticed that one of my L134 females' pectoral fins have turned red on the leading edge. Has anyone had this happen before? Anything to be concerned about? Ive noticed it only on one fish. It is on both fins. Cheers Joel
  6. Joel

    Pseudotropheus Polit

    Polits are great! I used to have a small colony which I grew out from fry from Ben near Newcastle at the time - maybe 2005-06? The male was really clean looking and displayed and bred really well. They were a little difficult to sell at times as the female was simply a brown fish to most people. I found it was mainly fellow hobbyists that were keen to buy them. I did sell a few times to my local aquarium but they had trouble selling them on. I was looking at one stage at getting back into them but had noticed that there are a heap of pretty ordinary ones getting around - mainly put off by the barring in the males and the 'caps' don't seem to look as clean anymore. I don't know if they have been crossed with something else at some point to get the barring. That to me, is looking like a really good quality polit pair, Undercoverbrother. I agree with the advice above as well - keep what you like. If you find you're having trouble selling fry, I'd simply stop raising them for a bit. Cheers Joel
  7. Joel

    Sexing L397

    Hi mate, Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure that I follow right - are you saying 1 male, 2 females and 'Fish 3' is the male? Just wondering if there is anything in particular that gives the sexes away for you? I'm not sure what to make of the growth. It doesn't look like fungus when I look closely but some kind of skin growth. I tried to get a better shot of it - used flash to try and show it better... Thanks again Cheers Joel
  8. Joel

    Sexing L397

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone wants to have a crack at sexing some L397 that I recently brought home? There are three fish, all around 10-12cm total length. I have an idea of what I think they are but am keen to hear someone else's thoughts. Fish 1 Fish 2 Fish 3 Fish 3 also has some kind of growth on it's nose... Is this normal? Cheers Joel
  9. Wow that's looking awesome! Can't beat a good 'tank build' thread, I reckon
  10. Joel

    Predator tank

    Not a large predator, I know but why don't you try a group of calvus/comps with some shellies? Best of both worlds and you can watch the skirmishes when the shellies spawn...
  11. Yep, have raised with only an airstone in the container before but I think you will give them a better chance of survival with the tumbler.
  12. Yes, a bit too early in my opinion. I would definitely put them in a tumbler, if not then put an air stone in there with them to keep water moving over them and also clear out the debris. All the best with them.
  13. I heard that on the news this morning also. I wonder if any cichlids will survive after they turn it off? or for how long?
  14. Are you sure that this is an actual mouthful? When I had mine, they would regularly 'pretend' to brood. One day, I'd see one with a mouthful which would last for a few days and then they didn't look like they were brooding at all for the next few days and repeat. Other than the 'mouthful' I usually wouldn't see any sign of fry on most occasions. They did breed only a few times though. Hope they do spit some fry for you. Cool fish
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