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  1. Waste in cyps

    Increasing frequency of feeding never hurts, a small drop of spectrum grow from an auto feeder a few extra times a day usually does the trick. I hear ya on the A1 water, but do you have test results you can post?
  2. peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    IMHO the electric yellow is a mistake as it means you cannot feed high astax foods without it going brown/black. If you can swap it out with benga/sunshine peacocks, you can feed these aggressive colour foods and all yer fish with look insanely pretty. Never hurts to hit them with rgb or heavy blue/red L.E.D. lights to max it out Then again.... a single yellow wouldnt stop me.
  3. peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Easy as pie Just have a bare sand tank, and only males. Nothing to fight over. I would add about 25. And feed a combo of NLS and hikari blood parrot. Bling!
  4. 5x2 Revival.... Opinions on T5 configuration?

    Ai prime HD's a such wicked bits of kit. If they are an option, well worth it.
  5. ID please

    "blue zebra"
  6. Identifying some Malawis

    They look like peacocks from an assorted peacock tank. I'd call the yellow one a benga and the others reds. They may be pure but, chances are they are not. So trying for actual species is not usually as helpful as you'd think. If they came from a reputable breeder that changes things.
  7. Stocking advice

    Could always hit up superfish aquatics on facebook. Tutters is amazing for shipped fish orders like this.
  8. Cichlid identification

    White one kinda looks like a blue female lombardoi..... but its likely a zebra if its white.
  9. Does Matrix need Replacing

    Old matrix loses some of its internal surface area just because of mulm build up. Almost every single biomedia in the hobby has the same issue. So yes, you can keep adding new bio media to ensure theres huge amounts of surface area for new microbes to colonise..... but as long as you have a bio filtration bacteria colony thats in ballance with the waste produced by your fish, all is good Even a scunged up old ceramic ring still has a rather decent surface area, matrix is even better and heck continuum and marine pure have produced even more crazy media.
  10. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Having 2 males of each species is the worst possible combination IMHO. They will seek each other out and do battle. Best case is one looks amazing and other looks terribad. Not sure how you would go finding those fish in Oz, maybe the scenes a bit better in your area. Gold comps and calvus plus some speckleback moba lepto would be rather neato with that scape.
  11. Cichlid tank - types - advice

    Thats an epic stocklist. Who needs mbuna with options like that!!!
  12. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Thats a great scape! Mbuna heaven!
  13. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Loaches are usually fine as long as they have structure they can hide under, and get enough food. Pays to remember that these displays are simulations of nature, and not an actual slice of a rift lake. Adding girls does add some complication to the aquarium. More fights and... the possibility of needing another aquarium for fry :D
  14. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    Well loaches are one of those fish, like bristlenose that probably shouldnt work, but that I find work great. The big drawback to adding loaches is that you will then need more expensive meds in the horrible situation you have a disease. Loaches tend to be more delicate to medications. Once adjusted to the tank though, they are quite robust and will usually be out begging at food time with the rest. To get that top level movement, you need to get the rocks up high. Height being the hardest thing to achieve with texas rock. Looking back at that fish list, I'd definitely slim it down lol, got a tad carried away there. Theres some cool fish out there if you are not looking for just a simple colour mix.... if you can find them of course! 1 Pseudotropheus Barlowi male 1 mbamba male 1 albino pindani 1 Pundamilia nyererei male 1 afra cobwe male 1 Otopharynx lithobate male 1 red dragon blood peacock 3 clown loaches 1 bristlenose Making up stocking lists is like the best thing in the world.
  15. Are African Cichilds right for my tank???

    OK feel free to ignore, but a ramble for you Afra will certainly be the dominant fish. Tricky to sex electric yellows and acei.... its a bit of a gamble. Must admit to being a msuli fan here they seem to be the most friendly of the acei in my experience. Most the black fish, especially the black and blues, tend to be rather aggro. Theres no real chilled out option although the purple/black mbamba come closest to fitting the bill. Not mpanga..... lol mbamba! As far as a small blue fish, I'd be tempted to go blue pindani, just because they are like a colour reversed electric yellow and less aggro than the afra. Red and orange are trickier to get. Theres 2 options that are less obvious but well worth consideration IMHO the first is clown loaches and the second is lelupi. So while your list is good...... if I was doing it I would go with, 4 electric yellows 4 mbamba 4 pindani 4 lelupi 3 clown loaches 1 bristlenose Is that over stocked? hell yes But nothing good aeration and weekly water changes couldnt handle. Also theres gonna be plenty of aggro between the mbuna and who knows what sort of m/f ratio you'd end up with lol. Would they cross? maybe. Probably best not to sell any fry from these guys BUT you'd certainly end up with a few "hills have eyes" mongrels kicking around the rock work. Never forget its your tank, we just kicking around the ball!