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  1. Ageofaquariums

    Light for growth

    Happy to help amigo
  2. Ageofaquariums

    Light for growth

    As long as they are getting room light it should be ok. Some fish do better with algae to graze, but this could be supplemented with the odd feed of quality spirulina flake IMHO.
  3. Ageofaquariums

    What’s wrong with my Calvus

    Would not expect high nitrates to cause those symptoms, but water changes are never a bad idea IMHO..... well unless the problem is low temperature!
  4. Ageofaquariums

    What’s wrong with my Calvus

    Double checking nitrite confirmed at 0ppm? Check temperature isnt too cool. Flat fish are very easy to inspect with a microscope while alive to confirm flukes. Without doing that its all guess work.
  5. Ageofaquariums

    Red Worm Identification please

    Looks harmless to me. Like finding an earthworm in ya garden.
  6. Ageofaquariums

    Pumice as a Filter Medium

    The external surface area is good but the closed cell structure locks off most the internal surface area. A case of smaller bits are prob a lot better.
  7. Ageofaquariums

    peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Conspecific aggression is a hell of a thing.
  8. Ageofaquariums

    Pseudotropheus Polit

    I still get messages about polit females I had for sale on a forum almost 10 years ago! I found Pseudotropheus perspicax harder to sell, which really upset me as they are such beautiful fish.
  9. Ageofaquariums

    Pseudotropheus Polit

    Polit are amazing if you can post the coloured male photos. People dont know what they are until they see them.
  10. Ageofaquariums

    peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Dont have an exact date on the NLS at this stage. Plenty of 2mm medium fish on hand, as well as the algae max which seems to be slowly over taking the cichlid pellet as the prefered Malawi pellet.
  11. Ageofaquariums

    peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    If you can get a nice male theres some good placidochromis species. Otherwise sulphur crested lithobates and blue dolphins. A lot of blue suggestions tho :/
  12. Ageofaquariums

    Waste in cyps

    May have a gut parasite, usually they respond well to some flagyl soaked food.
  13. Ageofaquariums

    peacock cichlids keeping hard?

    Any fish when added will have a frantic way of swimming.... this signals they are prey and most cichlids will have a go at them. Even gently chasing fish around with ya arm to distract them from the new comers you just added will often be enough. That first swim from surface to rocks is 90% of the danger involved.
  14. Ageofaquariums

    Help Needed

    Any chance you are seeing delayed stress from a nitrite spike? Have filters been cleaned in tap water or totally replaced in last month?
  15. Ageofaquariums

    Waste in cyps

    Increasing frequency of feeding never hurts, a small drop of spectrum grow from an auto feeder a few extra times a day usually does the trick. I hear ya on the A1 water, but do you have test results you can post?