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  1. mysteriousredsuns

    zebra pleco's L046

    i think the price of albino bristlenose fell very sharply due to their (my assumption) breeding behaviour. i heard they are not really that hard to breed. would love to hear the same things about the flash pleco too as it is always a treat to breed fish and especially when the fish is rare and exotic. secondly you will be doing the market a favour by increasing supply, (i hope )
  2. mysteriousredsuns

    zebra pleco's L046

    sorry to be asking a silly question but may i ask alan if you bought half a dozen @350 each or @350 the lot? also wat size are they? they look very nice the flash pleco.
  3. mysteriousredsuns

    Snails: Removal

    thanks for the response. its a 2 ft tank with snails but i dont know exactly what type. they arent ramshorn or mysteries but some are brown shelled, a couple white shelled. and they are ony a cm big at the most. i put heaps of salt in so i hope that would do the trick. not sure about chemicals because a) costs money and b) might have to clean the tank after really really well. im curious tho with the copper, how does that kill the snail? i am earmarking the tank for sale so i would hate to have snail eggs on the glass. that would really be 'punkt'ing the buyer.
  4. mysteriousredsuns

    Snails: Removal

    hi ppl. i was wondering with snails whether adding alot of salt will kill them off? i have a big infestation but i have taken all my fish out and i dont plan on using the tank in the near future. and also how to take care of the snail eggs? (that jelly thing)
  5. mysteriousredsuns

    spiders in the fishroom

    i paid $50 for this pulsing sound generator that is only audible for spiders etc and i gave it a few good months to do its job. i thought that would be the best way. the only problem about killing bugs is that i lose good free food for fish and i dont even have to feed it to them. its an automatic feeding process. too bad these spiders are cutting in on my bug market! i did a sensational run today, 3 hours of pure destruction in the garage. cleaned up at least 20 spiders and their webs manually. im going to move the spider eradication unit to another position as it might be just getting snuffed in its current position. but if all else fails, that bug zapper would probably find its way in there!
  6. mysteriousredsuns

    Green Arowana

    can someone pm a contact for greens? im liking them!
  7. mysteriousredsuns

    spiders in the fishroom

    tears i tell u. i look in the garage and all i see are spiders webs and bugs flying near the lights! under the lights? yep my tanks. i think ill go and clean the whole place up tomorrow and use surface spray around the garage but i think its a near impossible job. i guess i can live with them as long as they stay in a corner. just hate it when u reach for the cover glass and u get spider webs on u. at least they are daddy long legs. thanks for the response. ill do a clean up and might work out a natural lighting system eg windows instead of fluoros. i think a major problem is fluoros on at night just attract the bugs which attract the spiders. thanks for the input everyone.
  8. mysteriousredsuns

    spiders in the fishroom

    hi ppl. my fish room doubles as a garage and because its got heaps of holes such as door holes and other stuff like that, i have been getting a spider infestation. its quite irritating when u open the tank lid only to notice ur tangled in a spiders web. i hate these suckers but i heard that surface spray could harm fish. i have got an electric rodent repeller which seems to do jack all and was wondering if there is any other suggestions to getting rid of these pests?
  9. mysteriousredsuns

    african lakes

    i redownloaded everything and installed winRAR thanks blakeyboyR and ducksta. awesome luck because it seems to be working. cant wait to watch it. thanks for your help people. i really appreciate it.
  10. mysteriousredsuns

    african lakes

    i am having trouble with watching the movie and i was hoping you guys and gals could help me. i downloaded everything from the site and i changed the first file to all files and had exe extension. every other file i just saved as and used the same name but changed the file type to all files and added a ".rar" to the name. it still wont extract... help?
  11. mysteriousredsuns

    cuckoo catfish

    i got calipteras as hosts for my cuckoos.. just out of curiosity, wat other host could i use that wont breed with the calipteras.
  12. mysteriousredsuns

    LFS and Cichlids

    i think cichlidau was referring to the reverse supplier relationship, eg not we buy off the lfs but the lfs buy from us to sell to the "other group". my opinion is that these post are sometimes a little general when talking about lfs. we all know they are different so lets think of them in a big market concept. if one place sells cheaper, better, poorer or more expensive stock, wouldnt rational people soon start to learn where to get products from? we learnt in business class that the market generally has people who will find a certain price they will pay for a certain good of certain quality and therefore lfs would have to sooner or later meet these demands or face losing sales. having been in this hobby only about 2 years, i have seen many new lfs open in victoria and i have seen big differences in prices etc. i noticed when i first started out that i only shopped at the cheapest places. after a while i noticed a lot of people complaining about these places because of after sales support etc. now i found a few people in my network starting to shop at more expensive places but reputable for quality. my opinion, sooner or later somethign will change. if it is the lfs who are over charging, sooner or later they will have to change prices or people will not buy, ad vice versa.
  13. mysteriousredsuns

    neolampologus brichardi

    yep i have a pair in a tank slightly smaller than 2ft. but if they breed u will find that u might run out of room after say 2 spawns.
  14. mysteriousredsuns

    Power Generators

    im not too sure but i think noise will always be subjective to personal hearing but from memory 7 meters away reading 65 db is ok but i wouldnt think its ok for inhouse use. would probably be too noisy.
  15. mysteriousredsuns

    Big girl cat too much for my boy

    does she or did she ever look plump with eggs? i know someone with a pair that the female was quite large. 8 months til they had babies. could be either she isnt eggy and not ready to breed.